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The General preference panel contains various general preferences.


  • Show special tooltips: If this checkbox is checked then tooltips are displayed in special places like the 3D Preview, node network and navigation window. This setting doesn't effect tooltips on normal controls like buttons. It's checked by default.
  • Restore Node Palette windows at startup: If this is checked then any Node Palettes which were open when you quit Terragen are restored next time you use the application.

  • Show warnings in Errors and Warnings window by default: If this checkbox is checked then by default any warnings cause the Errors and Warnings window to open to show the warning. If you prefer not so see warnings displayed in the Errors and Warnings window then uncheck this.

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A single object or device in the node network which generates or modifies data and may accept input data or create output data or both, depending on its function. Nodes usually have their own settings which control the data they create or how they modify data passing through them. Nodes are connected together in a network to perform work in a network-based user interface. In Terragen 2 nodes are connected together to describe a scene.