Render - Sequence-Output Tab

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Render - Sequence-Output Tab

The Sequence/Output Tab contains settings which relate to the images and geometry output during rendering, as well as allowing you to render animation sequences. Please note that you need Terragen 2 with Animation to render animation sequences.


  • Output image filename: TBC
  • Extra output images: You can use this param to specify additional images to be generated during rendering, such as an alpha image. TBC
  • Micro exporter: Check this param and assign a micro exporter node to export rendered scene geometry.
  • Sequence first: Set the first frame rendered in an animation sequence.
  • Sequence last: Set the last frame rendered in an animation sequence.
  • Sequence step: Sets the step between frames in animation sequence. For example if you want to render every fifth frame in a sequence set this to 5.
  • Render sequence: Click this button to start rendering an animation sequence.

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