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Node Description and Purpose:
The Sphere nodeA single object or device in the node network which generates or modifies data and may accept input data or create output data or both, depending on its function. Nodes usually have their own settings which control the data they create or how they modify data passing through them. Nodes are connected together in a network to perform work in a network-based user interface. In Terragen 2 nodes are connected together to describe a scene. creates a sphere object.

Node Type: Object


  • Show b-box in preview: If this is checked the bounding boxThe bounding box is a box which surrounds (or bounds) an object or shader. This box shows the maximum extents of the item inside it. Sometimes abbreviated as "b-box". of the sphere will be displayed in 3D Previews.
  • Visible to camera: If this is unchecked the sphere will not be visible to cameras. In other words it will not show up in renders.

  • Visible to other rays: TBC

  • Cast shadows: If this is checked the sphere will cast shadows. Has to be turned off when the sphere is used as Ocean with a water shaderA shader is a program or set of instructions used in 3D computer graphics to determine the final surface properties of an object or image. This can include arbitrarily complex descriptions of light absorption and diffusion, texture mapping, reflection and refraction, shadowing, surface displacement and post-processing effects. In Terragen 2 shaders are used to construct and modify almost every element of a scene..

Transform Tab

  • Center: This sets the position of the centre of the sphere.
  • Radius: This sets the radius of the sphere.

  • Import chan file: Clicking this button allows you to import a .chan file to animate the sphere.

Example Movies

Sphere as ocean (shadows)

Additional tabs for Sphere