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Creating And Applying A Depth Of Field Mask

by Martin

Ever wanted to give convincing depth of field to your Terragen-renders? Tired of laborous manually masking of fore- or background elements for depth of field?

Terragen 2 offers accurate rendering of Depth Of Field masks. An extensive tutorial + example-scene + video can be found in the TG2-articles section here:

Creating and Applying A Depth Of Field Mask

Enjoy! Martin

Cumulus Clouds Tutorial In 3 Simple Steps

Beginner level tutorial by FrankB

Learn how to create nice looking 3D cumulus clouds in just 3 simple steps. Cumulus Clouds Tutorial In 3 Simple Steps.

Distance Shader Magic - An Introduction

by FrankB

This tutorial explains how to make use of the Distance Shader in various situations. Distance Shader Magic

Making of "Wilderness"

by Franck

This is a "making of", step-by-step tutorial on how the beautiful render "Wilderness" was created. It covers many areas of TG2 from procedural terrain creation, over to fake rocks, object populations and atmosphere. Making of "Wilderness"

Making of "On the Road"

by old_blaggard

This is a tutorial that describes the entire process in creating my "On the Road" image. It includes a PDF tutorial and the file for the scene. It is an excellent beginner resource for those who want to follow the logic of an entire scene being constructed.