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Render - Advanced Tab

The Advanced Tab holds some advanced settings for managing the rendering process. There are settings related to the number of threads used during a render, certain blocks of memory used during rendering and how some render information is generated.

Managing render threads
TG2 can render different sections of the image at the same time. These image sections are known as buckets. Many computers have multiple processors or cores and on computers which do rendering can be completed faster if each processor/core renders a bucket at the same time. The buckets are assigned to render threads. A thread is a section of a computer program which can do work at the same time as other parts of a program.

When TG2 starts up it automatically detects the number of processors or cores your computer has. This number is displayed on the Splash Screen. By default TG2 creates one render thread for each processor/core it detects. For example, if your computer has 4 cores then TG2 will create 4 render threads during rendering. This means TG2 can render 4 buckets at the same time. It is possible to override the core detection in the Startup panel of the preferences.

The render node gives you more control over this. You can use the Minimum threads and Maximum threads params to control how many render threads TG2 creates. Let's say your computer has 4 cores and you only want it to use 3 cores for some reason. To do this

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When Terragen renders, it divides the image up into buckets or tiles. Each bucket is rendered separately, allowing multiple buckets to be rendered at once. It also allows memory to be used more efficiently.