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Populators are one of the more important nodes in Terragen. Populators allow you to quickly and easily cover large areas with many copies of an object. You can use populators to create forests, meadows, rocky wastes and much, much more. Please read the pages below to find out more about using Populators.

Working with Populations
This page introduces you to populations and how to work with them.

Population Instance Editing
This guide describes how you can edit individual instances in a population to precisely control your scene.

Population Instance Caching
This page tells you how to make use of population instance caching to speed up population loading.

Tutorial: Population Colour Tinting Techniques
This tutorial shows you how to use the tinting tools to change the colours of instances in lots of interesting ways.

Tutorial: Masking Populations with Inverted Fractals
This tutorial shows you some methods to create distinct bands of objects in overlapping populations.