Heightfield Crop

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Heightfield Crop

Node Description and Purpose:
The Heightfield Crop node can be used to crop the area of the heighfield it's attached to.

Node Type: Heightfield Operator


  • Crop check box: If this is checked then the crop function will be applied; uncheck it to disable the effect. The settings below and to the right control how the heightfield will be cropped.
  • Bottom left: TBC

  • Top right: TBC

  • Include top right check box: TBC

  • Pad outside original check box: TBC

A heightmap or heightfield is an array of height values, usually in a grid which describe the height at specific points in a defined area. Heightfields are used to represent real-world and virtual terrain in a specific, easily converted format. Most heightfields can be represented as simple image data in grayscale, with black being minimum height and white being maximum height.