WIP'ing on farmland #3

Started by FrankB, September 08, 2009, 11:58:33 AM

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a quick shot this one.... I realize I need more detail and displacement for the farmland. Manually place houses and farms and stuff like that.



Really cool start Frank.  I'd like to see you align some trees along the boundaries of the farm edges sort of like this:



nice start.
i like the scale so far.


Great start... massive scale (of which you seem very good at achieving) and agree with Ryan.... can't wait to see more.
Cheers, Simon.
I just need to tweak that texture a bit more...

Volker Harun

I really agree with the above. Good colour use.


thanks, that's where I would like to get to. I find it difficult to procedurally determine the edges of the fields. I need to play with this a little more....

Also, the fields need a little bumpiness. Now, they look worse than Teletubby land ;D

But I have to attend to a few other things unrelated to this image first. But I'll get back to it.



Hi Frank

Great start!

For me You are the master of clouds!


Henry Blewer

Here in the USA, back when we subdivided up the Indian lands for farms, everything was laid out in grids. You may be able to use your linear functions (like in the French Garden render) to control all the object placements.
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the farmland borders are linear, but not regular. I can't align the simple grid function with that. No, I have to find a way to derive the borders from the color step from one field to another, I'm afraid.


how are you generating the colour cells? - if there was a way to shrink each one (like an edge erode) you could get the difference and use that...

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that's actually a good idea!


ah, I was being stupid, just had to employ a simple diff scalar, gain and invert.
Below is a low quali test render of simplistic paths, running along the edges of the fields, populated with trees.

Now I can deal with the terrain detail.


Errr... yeah, that's what I would have said. ::) this is getting better.
I just need to tweak that texture a bit more...


very good start, I jsut think some large scale variations would help to sell this shot later on!


you mean the variation in the field sizes?