NWDA Welcome's Luc Bianco to New World Digital Art

Started by DannyG, May 05, 2017, 09:53:51 pm

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NWDA is proud to announce its latest member Terragen Veteran Luc Bianco!
Luc brings with him over 20+ years of Terragen experience and expertise. Since the early years of Terragen Classic Luc has awed Terragen users and CGI generalist's alike with his killer lighting skills, clouds, surface work and artistic composition. Fast forward to 2017, Luc is still creating some of the best CG landscapes in the game. His work can be viewed on his website https://www.lucbianco.fr/ as well as at NWDA. Luc also offers a great selection of Terragen content on his web store as well as select products in NWDA's Shop http://www.nwdastore.com/ . Be sure to check them out if you are in the market for Terragen assets. Moving forward we look forward to the future of Terragen and will be along for the ride providing content,community support and Contests along the way. Many thanks to the Terragen community for your years of support!   

New World Digital Art
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Congrats to both Luc and NWDA! A fantastic match and a great benefit for the Terragen community as a whole. :)

- Oshyan