another TG + World Machine marriage

Started by Tangled-Universe, January 12, 2014, 03:29:15 AM

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Hi All,

~5 months ago I tried some TG, got fed up with it...let's see if I can get the fire burning again?

This one is a combo with World Machine.
Warning: WIP



Damn, quite lovely really. I think just the trees are a bit too, hmm... saturated in color maybe, or too "green"/blue-green. Hard to say, something about the color is off at any rate. And then it looks like there's some large-scale color variation going on, but I'd say mabe too large-scale, or maybe just not noisy enough? Otherwise I love it though, great terrain, nice water...

- Oshyan


Yeah it needs a bit of fine-tuning here and there, thanks Oshyan.

The colour variation in the population, it's just one population so far of Manuka-trees (XFrog Oceania), is 75 metres in feature scale and 25 metres for small scale.
I may scale it down? It's tricky, because what you see here goes from 1000m water level to ~1900 metres up.
So based on that I thought something like 75 metres would give me about 10 changes/shifts in diffuse colour vertically.
This is how it's set up so far:
High colour = 0.625 gray
Low colour = 0.4 gray (I then set multiplier for diffuse to 2 in the colour tab of the population)
Contrast = 5
Roughness = 0.5
Maybe I should try a contrast of 3-4 and similar roughness.
I need to play a bit with this and see what looks good and what works.

The colours too saturated? I haven't touched the saturation, only added a wee bit of vibrancy to pronounce the colour variation in the trees.
To my eyes it doesn't look that saturated, not even as saturated as some of the sceneries I have seen in New Zealand last month (see my FB photos).
This is all processed on my new Eizo SX2762W with 100% RGB and 100% AdobeRGB coverage after calibration.
I'm pretty sure what I see is correct, technically, but perhaps the colours aren't balanced well enough and there's of course always the personal taste side of things :)

During my holiday I have been thinking about this and I may try to tackle the colour issues with TG in a future designed test.
I remember Luc mentioning a long time ago it's difficult to get vibrant/saturated colours straight from the render. I don't really agree with that, but I think I feel what he meant.
The colour input vs output has a strange "curve". If I look at my surfaces of all my projects then all the colours are super-dark and unsaturated, relatively (never beyond 50 using HSL).
You can't use luminance beyond 50 either and pure black doesn't render black at all, hence the very dark colours I use for getting "normal" results.
I once tried blurring a photograph in Photoshop and sample the colours using the colour picker and then use those colours straight in TG.
The whole thing looked like a lightbulb and yet the sky was normally exposed.

It just doesn't make sense and I must get to the bottom of it some day, if I feel up to it :)

If anyone is interested in the World-Machine terrain then just shout, it's basically a kind of ridge noise with 4 or 5 (thermal) erosion devices after it.

The water's a simple trick. Substitute the water shader's reflections with the reflection of a reflective shader with really tiny bit softer reflections and there you go.



Good to see you back, Martin. Get going again!


Great image - I think the colour thing often just comes down to taste but maybe the olive green on the rocks and the "emeraldy blue/green" of the trees is too strong a contrast - one a yellow green and one a blue green? It amy be realistic but is it artistic.  Great to have you back BTW


Thanks all so far.

Mick, yes I think you're putting the finger on the issue must be the difference in hue of the green rather than saturation.
I'll see how I can fix it.
I know Oshyan has a very keen eye for shades so I think he meant the same thing.


I hope you continue with the the WM/Terragen integration, your seminar video on the subject is still one of the most valuable tutorials in my library. I would appreciate a look at your WM terrain if possible.  Nice to see the new work!


Thanks dude :)

Here's the WM file...enjoy!


Looks already great for a WIP Martin.

I was just going to write about the colors and saw that Oshyan said it much better what i think then i could .
It is not that the colors are too saturated, the distribution feels kinda CGI'is .
Same big color spots without variance .
More variance of green in the same pattern maybe would look better.

The scale of the trees looks right.
But you could play with a little bigger scale anyway maybe?

Other then the colors of the trees i think this image looks already finished to me.
I like especially the lower part very much Martin.


Excellent, Martin.
Sorta agree that, some variations of greens could be added to the plants.

My favorite part of the scene is also the base of the hill. Good place to set up camp.

Welcome back!
It has been eaten.


Uh, another beauty!

Especially the bottom part is awesome.

I don't have probs with the greens in all. I think it's more like the whole picture appears a bit oversaturated and/or with too high contrasts as the bright parts
(stones, rock surface) have just very few white/bright grey nuances ending up very white generally on 2 different monitors of mine.

~ The annoying popularity of Vue brought me here.. ~



Next iteration...added another variation of the Kanuka tree (not Manuka, because that's the honey) without leafs to illustrate dead trees.
I have desaturated the grasses and also changed the hue towards blue, also I changed the hue of the trees towards a bit more yellow. Now these elements should match better.
Yeah what else to say about it...took quite some time to fiddle with the IndirectDiffuse render element to have it look decently. The "native" GI looks just so weird. This is the best I could make of it.

I see I haven't used some other erosions masks for tree masking and/or surface work. Let's see what I can do with those.

The next iteration may have a different POV though...?


I downloaded and looked at em' side by side. I feel like the new one is better. More like a photo. In fact, I doubt that many people outside of VFX and photography could ever tell it was not a photo.

I would likely think it was a photo, if I saw it in another context. Like on a photo sharing site with the heading "look at this photo I took."

Another POV would be good. Why not? More is better!
It has been eaten.


Good pic.  The first time I saw it, I thought the blur on the bottom was some sort of rendering error.  For whatever reason, in the second version, it dawned on me that it is water.  I think a shoreline would go a long way to making that more obvious.