Using color from an image?

Started by elipsis1, March 08, 2012, 09:17:14 PM

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Ok I have been searching, even google-ing but am coming up empty.

Here is my question...

I am demoing geocontrol 2.

I have exported a terrain and a color bmp.

I know how to import the .ter, but want to assign the bmp to the heightfield for coloring.

How would I do this?

Thank you in advance for your reply.


Ok I have sort of figured out what I was missing I think.  Hopefully someone can clarify...

My mistake was trying to connect the image map for color in the terrain section.

Once I moved over to the shaders, and with some other posts I found, was able to get it fairly close.

What is confusing me is on the heightfield load georeference.  Does this have an impact on correct placing of the color shading image, or do I strictly need to copy the size in Heightfield Load then the Statistics section?

For example:

In "Terrain:"
Heightfield Load 01 has a size of 61440 meters x 61440 meters.
I unchecked the Georeference.

I go up one level to the Heightfield shader.  It's position is set to lower left, and 0,0 for position.
Stitchable border and fit blendshader to this are checked.
Also, on the fractal tab, the add fractal detail tab is checked.

In shaders:
I have an image map shader loaded set to plan Y, position 0,0,0
I have my size set to 61440 by 61440

The result looks pretty good, although it may be just slightly off. 

What is the key to getting an exact alignment? Turn off the fractal detail?

Thanks a lot guys, your forum posts I found on this subject got me pretty close...


Those settings should give you exact alignment. Turning off border blending (set to 0) may help. Disabling fractal detail should not be necessary, but worth a try if all else fails.

- Oshyan