Water Shader - Reflections Tab

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Water Shader - Reflections Tab

Water Shader - Reflections Tab

This tab controls the reflectivity of the water. The settings are as follows:

  • Master reflectivity: Controls the overall level of reflectivity for the water.
  • Index of refraction: The amount of light refraction caused by a given material, as indicated on index of refraction (or refractive index). 1.33 is the standard refractive index for water. The higher this number is, the more diffuse the reflections will be.
  • Horizon shift: This function is used to simulate the "shift" in reflection due to the aggregate effect of greater or lesser surface roughness on distant reflective surfaces. It will essentially shift the angle of distant reflection toward or away from the horizon.
  • Highlight intensity: Controls the strength of specular highlights from light sources.
  • Min highlight spread: Control how much "spread" the reflections have; in other words, how diffuse the specular highlights are.

Example movies

Master reflectivity

Index of refraction

Horizon shift

Highlight intensity

Min highlight spread

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