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== Assets for Terragen ==
Please reference the new Terragen Resource List page on our main website:
The following vendors provide products that are compatible with Terragen, including object files in supported formats, Terragen 3 clip and scene files, terrain files, and more.
[http://www.xfrog.com/ Xfrog] <br/>
Developers of Xfrog organic modeling software and high quality plant models. Available in native TGO format. Many free models are available.
[http://www.nwdastore.com/ NWDA - New World Digital Art] <br/>
Presets, example scenes, surface types (e.g. rock, snow, sand), atmospheres and cloud setups, plant models, and more.
[http://www.silva3d.com/ Silva3D] <br/>
High-quality plant models and more. Includes many free downloads.
== Rendering Services ==
These render farm services can help you render high resolution images and lengthy animations quickly and affordably.
=== [http://www.pixelplow.net/ PixelPlow] ===
PixelPlow is the official Planetside Software render farm. They offer the lowest prices in the industry and advanced features like dynamic priority adjustment, automatic frame download, sophisticated frame render lists (e.g. render frames 1, 5, and 10-20), and budget limiting, among others. PixelPlow provides affordable Terragen rendering services and excellent support. Read more about PixelPlow's support of Terragen on [http://www.planetside.co.uk/pixelplow-official-renderfarm our partnership page].
[http://www.ranchcomputing.com/terragen-home-produit.en.html Ranch Computing]
[http://garagefarm.net/ Garage Farm]
[http://www.renderfarm3d.com.br/ Render Farm 3D]
== Render Managers ==
Tools for managing the distribution of renders on multiple render nodes. Terragen 2 has commandline rendering functionality which can be used with many 3rd party render managers.
[http://www.drqueue.org/cwebsite/index.php DrQueue]
[http://www.thinkboxsoftware.com/ Thinkbox Software Deadline]
[http://www.cs.wisc.edu/condor/ Condor]
[http://usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/ps/dl/item?siteID=123112&id=20109696&linkID=9241178 Backburner]
[http://www.squidnetsoftware.com/ SquidNet]
== Terrain Editors and Utilities ==
Applications that are dedicated to terrain modeling and conversion. All of these applications output data in Terragen compatible formats.
[http://www.geocontrol2.com/e_index.htm GeoControl] ( Win / Mac ) <br/>
GeoControl introduces the Dynamic Level Generation (DLG) method for terrain generation. This gives fine control over the terrain generation process. The brush, which is based on DLG, not only manipulates the entire terrain but creates new terrains which fit seamlessly into the existing one. GeoControl also offers layer based terrain combination, a wide range of filters, and powerful and realistic erosion. It imports and exports many formats, including Terragen terrain files.
[http://www.globalmapper.com/ Global Mapper] ( Win ) <br/>
Global Mapper from is a 3D GIS (Geographical Information System) mapping application with GPS tracking that can read many common GIS file types (including DEMs). It can export Terragen terrains.
[http://www.landserf.org/ LandSerf] ( Win / Mac ) <br/>
LandSerf is a freely available Java based GIS (Geographical Information System) application. It can import many common GIS file types ( including DEMs of various sorts ) and perform many GIS operations. Amongst other things, it can export Terragen terrain files.
[http://www.terragen.org/index.php?action=tpmod;dl=item490 3DEM] ( Win ) <br/>
Program for the display and manipulation of DEM files. It can export Terragen terrain files. 3DEM is no longer supported by the developer, but is still available for download, and useful for older DEM formats.
[http://www.daylongraphics.com Leveller] ( Win ) <br/>
Heightfield editor/modeller/converter by Daylon Graphics. It can import and export Terragen terrain files, as well as many other formats.
[http://caerdruagh.tripod.com/delphi/delphi.html Terrify & Terrain Browser] ( Win ) <br/>
Two terrain-related applications from the same author. Terrify can be used to convert Terragen terrain files to RAW or Windows BMP formats. Terrain Browser displays a thumbnail view of Terragen terrain files. Visit the "Delphi Programs" page to download.
[http://www.ridgenet.net/~jslayton/software.html Wilbur] ( Win ) <br/>
Program for manipulating and converting heighfield data in a variety of formats including Terragen terrain. Free download.
[http://www.kokpeter.dds.nl/TerraPainter/index.htm TerraPainter] ( Win ) <br/>
TerraPainter is a terrain editor which lets you create Terragen terrains by painting with a variety of brushes.
[http://www.world-machine.com/ World Machine] ( Win ) <br/>
World Machine is a terrain generator with a Terragen-like node-based interface. It has some excellent erosion filters which make for realistic terrains. It can save to several formats, including Terragen terrain files.
[http://www.geomantics.com/freeware.htm Landformer Pro] ( Win ) <br/>
Landformer Pro is a standalone version of the terrain editor from Geomantics and it uses Terragen's terrain file format as it's native format. It will be particularly useful to those wanting to use real world data and do things such as turning contour maps into Terragen terrains.
[http://www.terraproject.de/terramaker/ TerraMaker] ( Win ) <br/>
TerraMaker is a terrain editor for Terragen terrains with a wide range of capabilities and interesting tools.
[http://planetgenesis.sourceforge.net/ planetGenesis] ( Win / Mac ) <br/>
planetGenesis is an opensource Java based planet and landscape generator. Amongst other formats, it can generate Terragen terrains at all sizes.
[http://bit.ly/x0q8qQ TerraConv] ( Win ) <br/>
TerraConv is a freeware program for converting Terragen terrains into image file formats readable by image editing programs and image files back into Terragen terrains. TerraConv supports 16 bit color depth so you do not lose any altitude resolution in the process.
== Community ==
Terragen has a strong user community, which we encourage you to participate in.
=== Forums ===
=== [http://planetside.co.uk/forums/ Planetside Software's Official Terragen Forums] ===
Our official Terragen forum community, full of active, helpful users, shared files and learning resources, and much more. You can also get support from the Planetside Staff and veteran Terragen users.
[http://www.terragen.org/ Terragen.org and the Ashundar Terragen Community] <br/>
A Terragen community with forums, a gallery, and a particular focus on providing free assets for use with Terragen, including 3D models (plants, etc.), terrains, and more.
[http://www.renderosity.com/mod/forumpro/showforum.php?forum_id=12398 Renderosity Terragen forum]
[http://www.terranuts.com/ Terranuts]<br/>
An active community with forums, a gallery, and file downloads.
[http://www.terradreams.de/MainIndex.php TerraDreams] <br/>
The largest German language Terragen community.
[http://www.terralights.de/terralightsII/index.php TerraLights] <br/>
An active German language community with forums and a gallery.
=== Contests ===
A number of Terragen contests are run, most on a monthly basis. Most of the contests maintain archives, and it's well worth browsing through them to get an idea of the range and ability of Terragen and its users. There are some spectacular images from past contests.
[http://www.terradreams.de/TerraWorlds/ TERRA-Worlds] <br/>
TERRA-Worlds is a monthly contest.
[http://www.terragen.org/ Terragen.org and the Ashundar Terragen Community] <br/>
Ashundar runs a monthly Terragen contest.
[http://www.renderosity.com/mod/forumpro/showforum.php?forum_id=12398 Renderosity Terragen forum] <br/>
The Terragen forum at Renderosity has a themed monthly challenge competition. You need to register with Renderosity (free) to participate as an entrant or voter.</p>
[http://www.terragen-masters.de/ Terragen Masters] <br/>
Terragen Themed Challenges
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Please reference the new Terragen Resource List page on our main website: https://planetside.co.uk/terragen-resources/