Terragen 3 Animation Module Reference

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This is the reference documentation for the Animation Module, available in Terragen 2 v2.4 and newer. The Animation Module is only available when you purchase Terragen 3 with Animation. You can purchase it here.

This documentation gives a quick overview of animation in TG3 as well as a reference to the windows and views used by the module.

Important Note
With the introduction of the Animation Module we needed to make changes to the way animation data is saved in project and clip files. This change happened in TG2 v2.4.20.0. Animation data in projects and clips saved from this version or newer cannot be loaded into older versions, but projects and clips from older versions can still be loaded into new versions. Animation data in the old format is stripped out of files when they're saved with this version.

Animation Overview
An overview of TG3's animation system, including how to animate params, preview animation and render out animation sequences.

Animation Panel
Documentation for the Animation Panel, which can be shown in the main window or standalone windows. It contains descriptions of the Dope Sheet and Curve Editor.

Main Window Timeline
Describes the timeline at the bottom of the main application window.

Importing Animation Data from .chan/.mov Files
This describes how TG3 can import animation data from .chan and .mov files.