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The Library and Content panel allows you to configure where Terragen looks for items like object files and image files when it's trying to find resources and assets for a project.

Currently only the User Content Folders section is useful. The Library Folder settings can be used but we recommend that you don't change them for the time being. As such, only the User Content Folders settings will be discussed.

User Content Folders
User content folders are folders which Terragen will search when looking for project assets. If Terragen cannot find an asset for a project at the location specified by a node it will first look for a file with the same name in the project folder. If it still can't find the asset it will look in any folder specified as a user content folder. As an example of how user content folders are searched let's say a node is looking for a file specified with this relative path:

Big Tree Model/leaf.tif

The first step in the search is to look for that relative path in the User Content folder, like this:

My Content/Big Tree Model/leaf.tif

The next step is to search for the file name in the User Content folder:

My Content/leaf.tif

The final step is to search through any the folders inside the User Content folder to find a file called "leaf.tif".


  • User Content Folders: The settings in the User Content Folders section allow you to specify additional locations for Terragen to search for project assets.
  • List: This list displays all the names of the folders that have been chosen as User Content folders. Terragen searches all of these folders when it is trying to locate external project content. You can double click a list item to display the folder's full path, and you can delete items using the Delete key.
  • Add Folder...: Clicking this button opens a Choose Folder dialog which allows you to choose a new folder to be added as a User Content folder.
  • Change Folder: Clicking this button opens a Choose Folder dialog which allows you to choose a new folder to be added as a User Content folder.
  • Reveal Folder: Clicking this button reveals the folder that is currently selected in the User Content list in Explorer (Windows) or the Finder (Mac).

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