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The File Saving preference panel lets you set preferences related to saving files.


  • Make backup copy of project files when saved: If this is checked a backup of your project file is created when the project is saved. On Windows the backup file will have the same name as your project file with "_bak" added, for example:

    My Project.tgd_bak

    On the Mac the backup file will have the same name as your project file with ".backup" inserted into the name, for example:

    My Project.backup.tgd

    This setting is on by default on Windows and off by default for the Mac.
  • Always save project files incrementally: This setting allows you to always save snapshots or versions of your current project file. If the setting is checked Terragen adds a version number to the end of the file name, for example "My Project_0001.tgd", and saves the file as new copy leaving the previous version untouched. The next time you save the the version number is increased by one. As an example of why this might be useful, let's say you decide you don't like how a scene is turning out. You can go quickly back to a previous version and start again. The File menu has a Save Incremental item. When this setting is checked the normal Save command works like the Save Incremental command.
  • Customise Default Paths: The settings in this section allow you to control the locations Terragen saves files in certain situations, for example where temporary files are created.
  • Items: This popup lets you choose which paths to customise. Currently the following items are supported:
    • Sequence output: This item sets the folder where render sequence items (i.e. frames in an animation) are saved.
    • Temporary output files: This items sets the folder where temporary output files are created. For example when you render Terragen saves a copy of the render and, by default, the alpha image for the render to the temporary output files folder. Normally these files are saved to a special temporary folder created by Windows or OS X, however you can use this item to create the files in a location which allows you to manage them more easily. The temporary output files folder can be opened from the File menu using the "Explore Temporary Files" item on Windows or the "Reveal Temporary Files" item on OS X.
  • Path: This text field displays the path to the folder for the item selected in the popup above. If the text says Default Path that means the selected item hasn't been customised and Terragen is using the default folder.
  • Choose Location: Clicking this button opens a folder chooser dialog so you can select the custom folder for the selected item.
  • Use Default Location: Clicking this button resets the path for the selected item to the default setting.
  • Reveal Location: If the selected item has been customised this button will show the customised folder in Explorer (Windows) or the Finder (OS X).

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