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The Rendering preference panel lets you set preferences pertaining to rendering.


  • On render completion: This popup lets you choose what action is taken when a rendering completes. Here is a list of the settings with a description of each:
    • Do nothing: There is notification when the rendering completes. This is the default setting for this preference.
    • Beep: TG2 will beep when a rendering has completed.
    • Bounce Dock icon (Mac only): TG2 will bounce its icon in the Dock when rendering has completed. If you have TG2 in front when the render completes you will need to click on the Dock icon to stop it bouncing, otherwise the bouncing will stop automatically when you bring TG2 forward.
  • Stop screensaver and sleep while rendering: Checking this setting will prevent your screensaver from activating or the system from sleeping while TG2 is rendering. Some screensavers can consume a lot of processor power themselves (the SETI one being a good example) and this can slow rendering down. The default for this setting is unchecked.

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