Heightfield Generate - Tweak Fractal Tab

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Heightfield Generate - Tweak Fractal Tab

The Tweak Fractal tab has parameters which let you change some aspects of the fractal used to generate the heightfieldA heightmap or heightfield is an array of height values, usually in a grid which describe the height at specific points in a defined area. Heightfields are used to represent real-world and virtual terrain in a specific, easily converted format. Most heightfields can be represented as simple image data in grayscale, with black being minimum height and white being maximum height..


  • Variation: This setting controls the overall variation of the fractal. Variation relates to the distribution of small and large features in the fractal pattern. If Variation is set to 0 then small and large features are evenly distributed. As the value becomes larger the noise starts to vary less evenly, giving a pattern with increasingly uneven distribution between small and large features.
  • Variation method: This popup lets you choose several ways of applying Variation to the fractal. The options available are:

    • Clamped multifractal: TBC
    • Unclamped multifractal: TBC

    • Multi-scale modulator: TBC

  • Buoyancy from variation: This setting adjusts how quickly the variation, as described above, changes.

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