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2001-Artifact Simon Clarke
After creating the main picture in Terragen, I opened up a 3D graphics program, and created the 'obelisk', and the 2 moons/planets. Then, using Photoshop, I pasted the obelisk onto the background pic, and drew in the shadow. The moons were pasted onto a new layer, which I made slightly transparent, and applied 'lighten' to the layer. Next I airbrushed slight dust over the obelisk, to make it look part of the picture. It was finished off with a lens flare :)

"2001 Artifact good use of combined images"

"Why do so many prople like crooked pictures?"

"If it were a photo, I would choose it for an exhibition. The slight halo of light gives a special kick."

"Mysterious, I like the feel of this"

"I really like the tilting of the camera, the two moons and the 2001 theme with the obelisk."


"I like the idea with the well-known artifact of Kubrik's Classic SciFi "2001" ! But that wouldn´t have been enough for my second-place-vote - the rock-structures with this fine-detailed surface-mapping makes this one a winner, not only in displaying post-processing-skills, but, too, what can be achieved with the right settings in Terragen ! "

"Love the monolith! Nice integration of your Planet...doesn't look pasted on...like many others"

"I love /everything/ about this image. The angle is unique, gives it an interesting touch. I like the splotchy red stuff in the lower right-hand corner, it looks just like lichen. The flare is perfect. The obelisk is swell, it looks like it just grew there, on that rock. The planet(oids) in the sky are blended well. Everything meshes very well with the terrain, and the surfacemap suits the image fine."