Terragen™ Script Files
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File Structure
The Commands

File Structure

A script file is simply a text file containing a sequence of commands that Terragen executes sequentially. However, one special initialisation command (InitAnim) is necessary to begin the file.

Commands are not case-sensitive.

You must use a period (.) as a decimal separator, instead of a comma, as commas are used to separate parts of a command.

A script command can either be in the form Command arg1, arg2 (...) or Command,arg1,arg2. However, the former is recommended for compatibility with third-party tools and ease of use.

Please note : At this time Terragen Windows only works correctly with script files that have Windows/DOS line endings. Terragen Mac (as of v0.8.1) works with files with any line endings (Mac, Windows/DOS, Unix). If you only intend to use script files on the platform they were generated on there shouldn't be any problems but, for example, if you want to use script files generated on the Mac on Windows you may find that Terragen Windows does not read them correctly. We will be correcting Terragen Windows in the future.

The Commands

Setup Commands - must be used at the start of an animation

Per-frame commands - optionally used every frame. If a command is not used for a frame, the previous value is used. They have exactly the same effect as if the values were entered manually in the appropriate windows.

A note about positional units
Positional units for commands such as CamPos or TarPos ( described below ) are interpreted either as Terrain Units or Metres, depending on whether the "Interpret positions as Metres" checkbox in the Animation/Script Settings dialog (Windows) or Script Setup window (Mac) is checked. If you are unsure to the units used in a script leave it unchecked, which is the default value.

Finally, FRend renders a frame and saves it to disk with the appropriate filename. You do not need to use per-frame commands between FRend commands, as changes caused by CloudVel will still take place.

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