Download Terragen Classic for Windows

Terragen runs on Microsoft Windows XP, ME, 2000, Vista and 7 (for Intel/AMD & compatibles)

By installing or using the software you agree to the terms and conditions in the License Agreement that is presented to you when you run the installation program.

Terragen is free for personal non-commercial use. In this case registration is optional, but it entitles you to additional benefits and removes the restriction on image size.

For commercial use as described in the License Agreement, registration is required beyond the initial trial period. This also entitles you to additional benefits and removes the restriction on image size. Terragen is free during the initial trial period.



Download Terragen v0.9.43 (1.6 Mb)



Full installer for Terragen v0.9.43.
We recommend that you uninstall previous versions of Terragen before running this installer.
Terragen can be uninstalled with "Add/Remove Programs" in Windows' Control Panel.

The full installer makes use of Microsoft's Windows Installer. If your computer is not able to open the downloaded installer you may need to download and install the Windows Installer from Microsoft. You can download it for Windows 95/98/ME here, and for Windows 2000/XP here.

Please note: Please do not mirror the Terragen downloads. We have found this leads to older versions being available which can cause problems for users. We would prefer it if you simply linked to this page.

Animation tools

Terragen can be made to render sequences of frames which can later be compiled into animations. To do this, Terragen reads script files which describe the motion of the camera and other parameters. Third-party software is available to help generate animation scripts. See the resources page.

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