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What Version of TG2?

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Just curious what versions the forum in general uses.

Perhaps if I can get time for more tutorials I can try to target making decent things with Free version if it's high enough.  I've also been wanting to learn more about the animation module myself so perhaps a few on those (As that is the version I have).

That's a great poll that should be stickied.

Wow, anyone else kinda surprised by the results so far?

Then again I guess the first responders would be the most dedicated, while the lurkers are probably the higher percent of free version.

Zairyn Arsyn:
in my case, i felt it was worth the money for the Deep version with Animation, especially before the 2.0 was released.

I can't afford the animation version, though I'd love to have it. I could possibly afford Deep version but not at the moment ... need to save up ...


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