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Hi All

At last... I think I'm beginning to get the hang of Strata, Canyons etc. With a little help from Oshyan, I've managed to produce this Canyon based on a ter file of Monument from Snoops Strata Tutorial for Terragen 0.9.

There's a few things left to sort out to my liking, but here's the files to play with if you want them. I haven't included the terrain file or strata colour map (see below). You can just Generate Terrain, link a new strata colour map and it still works beautifully.

You'll have to go to this link at Ashunder to get the Map and ter file from Snoops tutorial as I don't like to redistribute people's files. Just download the tutorial and re-link the map and terrain where needed:

Enjoy, Simon. ;D

P.S. let me know what you think.

Ghostwriter App Manual Us History Research Papers MeltingIce:
Awesome image, I've been meaning to do a canyon render like that. Essay On Library Services Research Paper Documentation crazymonkey:
that strata looks simply stunning...excellent work.

Cheap Resume Writing Jazz Music Pursuasive Papers FrankThomas:
Blows my canyon out of the water :)

I'll have to try a bit harder next time heh Action Research Thesis Dissertations Buy Business Plan Online littlecannon:
Thanks for your kind comments... I still feel I have a way to go yet before I get what I want... but it's getting there. ;D

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