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Waves at shore proto-proof-of-concept

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Hey all,

I've been playing with making sort-of-rolling waves following a shoreline; Here's my first render.

I call it a proto-proof-of-concept because the effect isn't very convincing--but I think it has potential--and I didn't do anything with the rest of the scene, so it looks pretty ugly.

Any comments/suggestions are welcome, and feel free to play with the file yourself--note that you'll have to generate the terrain.

really nice job ;D some surface work and a tidy atmo and that scene is set.

top stuff.

Hmm! Very creative. :D I hope someone runs with this and takes it even further. :)

- Oshyan

Well, I intend to take it further myself, but somehow being home never leaves me with as much free time as I expect, so I thought I'd throw it out there so other people can play with it if they like.

Great concept!

thanks for the tgd, I'll play with it as soon as I'll have a chance!


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