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Buy Homework Professional Resume Writing Services 2013 Essay On Wuthering Heights About Heathcliff swiftstream:
Hey all,

I've been playing with making sort-of-rolling waves following a shoreline; Here's my first render.

I call it a proto-proof-of-concept because the effect isn't very convincing--but I think it has potential--and I didn't do anything with the rest of the scene, so it looks pretty ugly.

Any comments/suggestions are welcome, and feel free to play with the file yourself--note that you'll have to generate the terrain.

Miranda V Arizona Essay Help To Kill A Mockingbird Essay 123helpme crazymonkey:
really nice job ;D some surface work and a tidy atmo and that scene is set.

top stuff.

Hmm! Very creative. :D I hope someone runs with this and takes it even further. :)

- Oshyan

Essay For Master Degree swiftstream:
Well, I intend to take it further myself, but somehow being home never leaves me with as much free time as I expect, so I thought I'd throw it out there so other people can play with it if they like. Genetics Assignment Help Jester71:
Great concept!

thanks for the tgd, I'll play with it as soon as I'll have a chance!

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