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Maybe the best full animation of the complete trip, landing and exploration...
Be watching/listening tonight. Touchdown is at 10:31 pm Pacific time.

touch down successful... an historic day for martian exploration!

*dream of really good pics from NASA*
anybody can explain me why we always have so shitty pictures nowadays ?
I mean, I am truely stupid concerning technology and all so when I am looking at Apollo's photos everything is so good and today when NASA gives us pictures it looks like it was taken with my 15 years old webcam.
Can someone explain ?

ooooh just found that the HD camera is not deployed yet and that HD pictures should be sent next week !!!

Yes, I learned last night that the Curiosity has 17 cameras including 3D. Some of them are used for the intricate maneuvering while exploring the terrain (or should I say 'Marain'?).


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