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Culturelle Dissertation Diversite Exemple Tourisme Dune: Dissertation Droit Administratif Mthodologie I always use a workaround by hitting print screen and pasting it in Irfanview (always on top). Works fine, since we lost the 100% view ;-[ . I nevertheless hope to get the 100% view back, staff. And I would indeed like to be able to keep some previous renders or have a second render screen.

Website Can Do My Paper Price Of Turnitin Com pokoy: Ah, already wondered why it it's not possible to view at 100%.

A true crop mode would be good too. Right now it's more of a region render mode with the full res frame being shown even if the crop area is 100 x 100 pix.

That 'plop' thing sounds good too.

So some changes would be definitely useful, thanks for considering!

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--- Quote from: Dune on June 15, 2012, 07:25:05 AM ---I always use a workaround by hitting print screen and pasting it in Irfanview

--- End quote ---
I am using PicPick - free for personal use. Buy Research Paper Cheap jaf:
It's not that hard to use a screen capture and overlay, though the method used in Bryce insures everything "line up" without any effort. 

I may be wrong and the Planetside staff will tell me, but it seems everything is already in place to simple overlay a crop render (or not.)  Just don't clear the render window and render the crop area.  This would make it really easy to compare changes to area of interest.

By the way, I'm not a Bryce fan though it may seem like it.  I can't believe how bad it looks compared to TG2.  Just that plop render was so convenient.

We've come a long ways!   

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