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Feature request: clone render window

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It would be cool if you could just clone the render window so you could compare two renders side by side... or some kind of render history where you could navigate through the renders.

Yeah, that's definitely a good idea. We do have plans for improvements to the render view which will probably include some method to compare with previous renders.

- Oshyan

Great!  :)

I've always wanted a "Last render time = ?" somewhere in the current render window.
Just my 2p worth :)

I have a similar request (yes, I've brought this up before! ;D)  One of the few things I really miss from my old Bryce days is the way the crop (they called it plop) render worked.  You could select an area and render it without losing the previous image.  This was great for making changes and comparing them.  Here's a Bryce render with three material changes shown in strips (plop renders.)


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