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TG2 v2.4 64 bit Mac TGO writing issue

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We've found a bug when writing TGO files using TG2 v2.4 running as 64 bit on OS X. When you load a TGO file written using that configuration you may find that there is missing geometry.

There are two workarounds:

1) Save the TGO files using TG2 Mac running in 32 bit mode. It's easy to change TG2 Mac between 64 and 32 bit mode:
- Select the application in the Finder and do a Get Info on it (command-I hotkey).
- In the General section of the Get Info window you'll see a checkbox called "Open in 32-bit mode". Check that checkbox.
- Start TG2 and it will now run in 32 bit mode. You can tell this is happening because the System Information part of the Splash Screen and the About Box will say "32 bit".

When you have saved the TGO files you can start TG2 in 64 bit mode again by repeating the steps above but *uncheck* the 32 bit mode checkbox.

2) To save changes you might have made to materials you can save the object and any associated nodes as a clip file. Your model will stay in its original format (OBJ for example) but the changes you've made will be saved with the clip. Simply select the nodes you want to save in the network view and then context click on one of them. Choose "Save Nodes as Clip File…" from the context menu.

This problem will be fixed for TG2 v2.5.

This problem does not effect the Windows version or the 32 bit Mac version.




Hi jo,

I have been building and working with objects a lot lately and have run into a new issue, which may or may not be related to the .tgo problem.
I have been seeing the same missing geometry in objects without converting to .tgo, that is, while still .obj.

The problem seems so far, to be only in objects that are used as a population, and only when ray trace objects is turned off. I can not yet say for sure that this always happens in all cases, but it is often enough to be a problem.

It does not appear to be a problem of placement of the light source. I understand that light behind displacement can be an issue, is that correct? At any rate, the light source does not seem to be the problem.

Is this news to you? Or am I not remembering a previous topic on this?

I haven't heard of a problem like that, nor of any issue with "light behind displacement". If you have a TGD that can reliably reproduce the problem, please send it to the support address along with the object(s). You can use the "Email large files" site that Hannes posted recently if you need to (I've tried it, it works great!):

- Oshyan

Hey guys.

Its definitely not the file. It happens in every new file I try. It must be my models, or TG. I can send you some models to try it with Oshyan or jo. I'm a little sad that no one else has reported this. That indicates that its likely my models:(
Its funny, because I can see that geometry is missing even in the 3d preview window
I am rendering a very high quality image from the project now. I want to see if that takes care of the problem.

I have been using Hexagon2 for my modeling. That program has some issues to it. I hope its them and not tg or me;)

Oshyan, sorry. To be clear, I meant to say the problem was not related to the sun being behind terrain, not displacement. That is, light is not shining through objects, but the objects are missing parts.

*the objects in the images showing the problem do not have displacement added in TG2


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