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I have a question about render sizes. (terragen classic) I want to render an image and have it printed poster size, which is 20x30 inches. Do I just render it at 3048x2032 or should i double the size and then lower it in post work to poster size? I am confused about the image size for widescreen monitors as well. On my screen, i use 1280x768, and this gives me a full screen, but is this size considered widescreen? or should i use the setting that my laptop has, which is 1440x960 or so. Is there a size that i can use that will allways give me what i am looking for (look good on any screen)? any help will be appreciated, or any links to some threads allready posted on this subject. Thanks.

Simius Strabus:
Consider this to make a good poster:
You need to do around 300dpi, so a 20x30 inch poster would be rendered at 6000x9000 pixels.
To prevent a grainy result, I would not recommend going below 200dpi.

Thanks for the reply. When I render at 6000x9000, i look at the pictures properties, and it says its only 96 dpi. The quality settings were set low to make a fast render, not sure if it would change the dpi or not raising or lowering the quality. How do i raise the dpi enough to ensure a good clear poster?

read this on another site: print size x printer resolution = render size in pixels
                                 so... 20x300(dpi)=6000
                                         30x300(dpi)=9000 = 6000x9000 just as you said.  I am assuming the print shop deals with the dpi or ppi themselves, and i just render with the above formula?

Simius Strabus:
I'd go for the 300dpi resolution, just to be on the safe side. Also, try some higher quality settings.
In TG2 I use a detail setting of 0.8 to 1 and an anti-aliasing of 3 to 4. Not sure what settings to use in TG1.

At 96 dpi your poster would be 62.5x93.75 inches. Kinda big...
How did you get the dpi properties? Since dpi is a relation between image resolution and actual printed size I'm puzzled
how/why 96dpi showed up. It may be related to an installed printer or something...


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