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adding masks

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Add colour works great

What kind of trouble did you encounter, Jan?

j meyer:
Using the merge shader in add mode resulted in varying intensities of the output.
Maybe I still have an example for that,I'll see if I can find it.
The stacking method didn't work at all in some cases,but I couldn't find out why
at the time.Didn't keep an example,because I wanted to get on with the stuff I was

I did notice that if you stack overlapping SSS's they don't really add up. I just used a conditional blue node to add two SSS's to make another sort of curve, where I changed the white to gray or white=2 and different sizes. All sorts of interesting combinations to be made.

j meyer:
Could not find the example so I reproduced it with one of my old files and set up
some more examples.Thought it might be better to put these in their own thread,
Let's continue there,please.
Haven't tried the conditional for this kind of stuff yet.Maybe you can show that
over there too,if you like.


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