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Firstly, sorry to keep asking silly questions!

Secondly - I have a SSS used as a mask for a river and also to place vegetation. I want to add a path using another SSS and again using that to mask the same vegetation anyone got any ideas how I can add/mix the two masks so that they can be inputed into the internal plant networks.

Hope that make sense


j meyer:
Should be possible to combine 2 or more SSS with an Add Colour node.

Cheers a great idea I'll give it a go.

Or use the merge shader for more possibilities, or just stick the one into the other's input (stack them).

j meyer:
Dune - The merge shader can cause some trouble (at least it could in 2.3) in
          some situations as well as the stacking method,that is why I did not
          mention these above.


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