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Well, it almost took an eternity to make it out of production but here, at long last, is the final Garden of Eternity animation! The forums are getting a special early look at it, before our website is updated with the news. Enjoy!

YouTube HD:

Link to download the original for playing on your computer at highest quality, MP4 format, h.264 compression: (365MB)

Congratulations and special thanks to Ulco Glimmerveen for his contest winning entry, and his help and patience throughout the animating and rendering process. We learned a lot working on this project and Terragen has honestly improved significantly as a result of issues we discovered and/or tested with this scene. It is a particularly demanding setup for TG to render well, and I believe we've really been able to make it shine with new systems like Global Illumination Caching and Blending in Terragen 2.4. We hope to do similar projects like this in the future, and we will be able to do so much more quickly and efficiently thanks to improvements in tools and process based on this experience.

Thanks also go to the NWDA crew and everyone in our community who has been waiting for this for so long. Your patience and understanding have been greatly appreciated. We hope it was worth the wait.

- Oshyan


Nice to see the end result.
Congrats Ulco :)

Osyhan can you write some more things about the technical side like the settings,render time and if the animation was all made in TG2 or not please ?

I'll try to put some more details together soon (I can say it was all made in TG2, at the least). I've got some other thing to dedicate time to at the moment though. ;D

- Oshyan


OK ! I hope the blackout will not last long  :)
The animation was smooth. The new animation additions are worth it seems.

Good to see it finally out there. Great scene wit plenty of "mini" environments in it, very nicely done :)


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