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I know this is an old topic, but does anyone know where I can currently get plugins (Sopack, waterworks, etc) for Terragen classic ON A MAC? None of the old links are still active...
I don't want to switch to TG2 just yet but would like some more control options. Thanks for any input!

I did a pretty good search I can't find them anywhere, If I was you I would e-mail Planetside directly

All the plugins were developed and published by 3rd parties so we don't maintain an archive of them or host them ourselves. I don't know how many were ever made available for Mac at all. If I recall correctly, WaterWorks may only ever have been available in a private beta for Mac.

Waterworks and Jo Meder's other plugins are available here:
That's the "official" home page so if a Mac version is available, that's where it would be.

And SOPack and Sean O'Malley's other plugins seem to be available here:
Again that's the "official" home.

If no Mac versions are available you could try contacting the authors, but unless they already developed one I doubt they will be willing or able to do so now given TG Classic's age.

- Oshyan

Thanks so much guys!


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