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I bought the software in order to use it for skymaps.
However when I render it with full details on at 512x512 I see some very ugly jaggies in the clouds.
Here is an example:

This is with everything at high ... and it looks crappy in my game.
Any ideeas what I am doing wrong?

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This can happen when you have very bright pixels next to darker ones, and many renderers have this problem when the pixels being anti-aliased are brighter than white. In Terragen 2 there is an option called "anti-aliasing bloom" which solves this, but it is not in Terragen Classic.

I would suggest applying a small amount of glow or blur to the bright pixels in a paint or image manipulation program.


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What's brighter than white for a pixel?

Do My Assignment Cheap click Comment Faire Une Conclusion De Dissertation Philosophique Kadri:

--- Quote from: TheElectroKangaroo on May 05, 2012, 04:58:08 PM ---What's brighter than white for a pixel?

--- End quote ---

Basically said TG2 can process a much wider range of light information internally as you see in an BMP image.
You would get a better thought about this if you save the same image you render additionally in an EXR  format.
Now you have a much wider range to play with an image editor.
And maybe you should save this always to have a wider range to play with in editing later.

Look here for example :

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