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Terragen Discussion / Re: Lava planet and background?
« Last post by Dune on Today at 03:05:45 PM »
If you add a surface or default shader to your sphere, just set the luminosity to some color, and your sphere glows. You can add different (masked) layers of glow that way.

Background image needs to be spherical (2:1 ratio), and applied as imported image map shader into the background, with the image map shader's centre exactly as the background sphere center, and set to spherical. You'd better use luminosity there too, or it won't be (very) visible. So attach the image map to luminosity input of default or surface shader.
NWDA Cliffs Contest / Re: Dune's cliff
« Last post by Hannes on Today at 03:04:47 PM »
Looks already gorgeous!!
NWDA Cliffs Contest / Re: Dune's cliff
« Last post by Dune on Today at 03:00:08 PM »
I'm trying to do this without a compute terrain or compute normal, kind of like a personal challenge  ;)
NWDA Cliffs Contest / Re: KlausK`s Cliff WiP
« Last post by KlausK on Today at 01:57:38 PM »
Thanks Hannes. Two suns that hopefully helped to make the structure more believable.

@AndyWelder: thank you for your kind words! And your right, of course.
Your suggestions are almost identical to what I had in mind for moving on with that sort of cliff structure.
The problem is that I cannot always get on without destroying what I already in one of your wip`s
the caves exploded when I tried to put them further down sea level. Hope i get that figured out.

I`ll give myself until the end of February working-testing-trying-stuff and hope to have some kind of "screenplay" for the scene by then.
March will be spend putting all the relevant techniques I learned together in the final scenery. As I mentioned earlier since this is more
of a learning experience I hope I can pick up some knowledge along the way from everybody else who decides to show her/his WiP here.
Abilities? Well I would have to dig deep to get something like you (or anybody else) show(s) in your (their) WiP ;)
Cheers, Klaus
NWDA Cliffs Contest / Re: Bastien Challenge
« Last post by AndyWelder on Today at 10:28:48 AM »
Now that's a different approach! Looks interesting! Like a canal indeed, dug out from the rocky terrain.
NWDA Cliffs Contest / Re: Richard Fraser Cliff Challenge WIP
« Last post by AndyWelder on Today at 10:25:23 AM »
After I saw all the other rocks I thought nothing further would surprise me. Was I wrong!  ::)
Curious about how they will look with some more terrain.
NWDA Cliffs Contest / Re: Dune's cliff
« Last post by AndyWelder on Today at 10:14:05 AM »
"What, what just happened?!" "Dune landed... With a bang...".
Those cliffs remind me of some I saw at the Mediterranean, folded, warped... Like dough of "Sugar buns".
NWDA Cliffs Contest / Re: René WIP.
« Last post by AndyWelder on Today at 10:06:52 AM »
You know, looking at these structures, especially the ones from "10 liggend" makes me think it's best to drop the towel right now.  ;) There's a core of truth to that, there's a little voice yelling "Give it up! You stand no chance!"... But on the other hand it makes me think "Ha, René may have the best rocks in town, but I still think I have the best ideas!"  ;D
I'm really looking forward to see how this develops!
Terragen Discussion / Lava planet and background?
« Last post by SpacePioneer on Today at 10:06:18 AM »
How would I go about making a water sphere, as discussed before in regard to creating a whole planet, glow? And how might I make different parts of it somewhat different colors, like some more yellow and some more red areas of lava oceans? Would I need to use a glowing surface layer on a sphere rather than a water sphere? I've tried several methods and none seem to work, especially making anything glow.

Also, on a somewhat unrelated note, how would I go about adding a spherical background texture and making it visible? I've been trying to figure this out too and it just seems to not want to work.
NWDA Cliffs Contest / Re: Cliff WIP
« Last post by AndyWelder on Today at 09:55:02 AM »
Great following these, it'll drive the other contestants to even greater heights (literally)
Don't know about that but it sure is a reminder that atmospherics too are an important part of a render... Love that fog bank, Danny!
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