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Terragen Discussion / Re: Displacement from image issues
« Last post by D.A. Bentley on Today at 06:52:41 AM »
No, I don't think it has anything to do with EXR being 32-Bit.  Different EXR readers/writers have different limitations.  For example, Teragen can output EXR's that are HUGE!  But other programs can't always deal with them.  Like Photoshop for example; it can load huge 4GB EXR files, but it can't save them with the standard (built-in) OpenEXR reader/writer.  There is Exr-IO, and also ProEXR, and others I imagine.  Programmers here on the forum might have more insight into why some formats have file size limitations.  Tiff also has a 4GB file size limit.  Recently I have been just using Photoshop PSB for everything I work on that is huge (It's 32-bit RGB and you can save files that are hundreds of GB).
Image Sharing / Re: Les vacances commencent
« Last post by WASasquatch on Today at 06:18:55 AM »

An another scene. I continue to work on ground, here a shoreline.
Dead trees on the sides are done with The grove 3D. The bush with TPF1. Conifers are from Vizpark.
The mountains are done with World Machine.


Whatever man, we get it. You're good at Terragen.

:P :P

Seriously impressive work. The thumbnail had me immediately think this was a reference image but nope, that's some masterful TG work. Great job! The shoreline looks pretty good. Very reminiscent of temperate alpine lakes around here.
Terragen Discussion / Re: Displacement from image issues
« Last post by WASasquatch on Today at 06:08:14 AM »
Didn't catch that. :( I wonder if it's a 32-bit limitation? A lot of plugins target 32bit Photoshp... for whatever reason.
Image Sharing / Re: Les vacances commencent
« Last post by Antoine on Today at 05:23:27 AM »
Thank you all !

Image Sharing / Re: TB-scene
« Last post by Antoine on Today at 05:22:46 AM »
Great works! People are very realistic too!

Image Sharing / Re: a valley
« Last post by Antoine on Today at 05:17:32 AM »
superb and very realistic scenes !

render detail 0.5, anti-aliasing 2
Good to see you back again! :)
VR Challenge / Re: List of Entries - Please Check!
« Last post by bobbystahr on Today at 12:20:49 AM »
Sooooo... who won that challenge ?!

Don't remember if it was announced but not me
Image Sharing / Re: Nebulae
« Last post by WASasquatch on Today at 12:16:13 AM »
The reason for the appearance of such holes is not that we have too much difference in the scale of small and large parts. The fact is that you have too high and sharp peaks. This can happen on any scale. Try to adjust the fractal for the warper so that there are not too steep slopes for all octaves.

As far as I can tell, octaves are directly related to your scales, predominately, you smallest scale. These peaks are not part of large scale PFs, the smallest scale directly relates to peaking.  For example if you check continue peaks, and amp up the maximum peak scale and displacement with a smallest scale of 0.025 and a maximum of 1 with a lead in of 1, you'll notice it will be full of ~+/-0.025 meter peaks.

As for repetition, I'm not sure what you hope to achieve? With expansion you have plainly visible repetition created by the source explosion, and the source explosion is never continual and only creates so much variance. The rest is independent formation of time through much slower forces, some even in different directions from cosmic sources rather than the radial source. And, again, with large scale fractalization, with low roughness, I'm not sure how the shapes could appear very similar after added warping.

Simeis remnant

Veil remnant

Even in the Crab Nebula there is only what looks to be 3-4 main reactions from the initial source. Example main reaction/phases:

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