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Terragen Discussion / Re: World Creator steps up...
« Last post by jaf on Today at 12:39:50 AM »
I've got WC Pro RC14 -- bought it at version 12 ($289 USD).  It's a perpetual license with 1 year maintenance with a 1 year maintenance renewal for $149 after that.

To get the real time editing, you need a strong graphics card.  You can do things in minutes with WC that took hours in World Machine.

I really need to get into it -- been so busy trying to improve my modeling skills in Lightwave. 

It will ramp up the heat in your computer though, so you have to plan for that (my graphics card will go from 34c to 65c in a few seconds.)
Terragen Discussion / Re: VDB workflow testing
« Last post by paq on Today at 12:28:17 AM »
Hi Mat,

So here's the black cloud, and the shadow.
No gi, Direct Light Exposure : 1.67 (default is 0)
For the 4 zone I have : 4.7%, 17.8 %, 35.4 %, 72%

@density of the VDB is 0.15 (default 1)

I don't see any ray march quality or step length with VDB, only a quality in % for the Camera, reflection, refraction, shadow and GI.
All is set at 100% quality (default 50%)
Terragen Discussion / Re: VDB workflow testing
« Last post by Matt on June 20, 2018, 11:18:04 PM »
So I have a first setup in place, done by hand has Clarisse don't load .FBX.
Scaling is right (it's a 10Km large scene).

Great to see that this loads and renders in the right place :)

Direct light exposure is set on 1.5, and I have an env.light on -3 (???)

To test shadow density can you render it without any environment light or GI, just a direct light overhead? It looks like you might need to increase the ray march quality (reduce the step length?)

I do want to see full lighting tests, but it's really useful to have a render that calibrates the basic density without other lighting complications.

With the a default volume shader settings, and the overall density reduce to 50%, it looks more like smoke than cloud. I'll post the scene on Isotropix web site (may I Matt ?), because I'm really curious what kind of trick we could use to get a proper cloud look  8)

Absolutely, by all means :)
Terragen Discussion / Re: VDB workflow testing
« Last post by Matt on June 20, 2018, 10:59:13 PM »
To begin with I also got nothing. It took 3 of us here to figure it out at lunch. Ultimately, the density attribute in the vdb is still named 'Easy cloud 01' and not 'density' which Houdini is expecting.

OK, I'll fix this. The first example in the VDB docs creates a grid and names it "LevelSetSphere" so I thought this would be interpreted as the name of the volume and that it could be anything. I'll change it to "density".

I've now got the scene up to the point where the shadow works! The density on the pyro shader had to be reduced to 0.2 and then it was all go. More images attached. There's a slight offset in shadow position.

Nice! Strange that the density multiplier is a seemingly arbitrary value. There seem to be some other differences besides the slight offset in position. The denser parts of the cloud seem denser in your render. Is there a slightly lower density that makes the denser parts look closer to mine? Maybe 0.1?

Terragen Discussion / Re: VDB workflow testing
« Last post by Matt on June 20, 2018, 10:45:13 PM »
First issue for me is that there's a scale difference between the grid and the camera of 1000, taking one unit in Houdini to be one metre.

I think you mean 100? Perhaps the FBX is using centimetres and either Terragen isn't marking the units as cm or Houdini isn't respecting this when reading it in. I don't know if this is something we should fix in Terragen, considering it seems to be loading correctly in 3DS Max. But it's good to know this is happening and how to compensate for it.

File Sharing / Cirrus-Cirrocumulus Clouds
« Last post by WASasquatch on June 20, 2018, 09:33:28 PM »
This is a Cirrocumulus setup with Cirrus spread. I decided to ditch the voronoi noise base as it was just too, well, noticeably voronoi, and presented a couple other issues. However I will attach a clip of the noise shader in a surface shader.

These setups used basic Perlin Billows to create the Cirrocumulus layer. The locations are based on the Cirrus density adjustment. Cirrus spread density is based on the Coverage Adjust in the the cloud layer.

As a note, Cirrus, and Cirrocumulus and subsequent mixes are high altitude cloud sets. These are based on clouds common here in Puget Sound region due to our convergence zone. North and South weather mixes in our region, as well as trade winds and weather from the west over the Pacific. It's sorta why our area is know for storms and rain.
Terragen Discussion / Re: VDB workflow testing
« Last post by paq on June 20, 2018, 08:53:20 PM »

So I'm trying to get a little bit of feedback from Clarisse users on the subjet :

mdkai has some interesting remark about the shading, but I'm not really sure to follow, it's a little bit out of my range  8)
Terragen Discussion / Re: World Creator steps up...
« Last post by WASasquatch on June 20, 2018, 08:36:07 PM »
Whoa there is a lot of changes going on lately.
Image Sharing / Re: Mountains w.i.p.
« Last post by bobbystahr on June 20, 2018, 08:30:17 PM »
Rene, I'm assuming you cache each population as you make it....I've not had that problem with cached pops.
Terragen Discussion / Re: VDB workflow testing
« Last post by Matt on June 20, 2018, 07:52:32 PM »
I'm really pleased to see so much feedback already! Thank you all. I'll take a closer look this afternoon.  :D
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