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File Sharing / Re: Rock Outcrop Stands
« Last post by archonforest on Today at 10:09:17 AM »
Thx for sharing the file! 8)
Open Discussion / Re: Marvelous Designer
« Last post by luvsmuzik on Today at 09:57:26 AM »
There are several great tutorials on their site.
Product is very compatible with Zbrush and Daz from the literature. If you can make a short collada animation from your pose, that will import along with your object avatar. Their example started with a short animation in the T pose, which you would design your pattern to fit, then set sewing lines and sew. You run the simulation that drapes the clothing, then you can in 3D simulation run your collada to pose, then pull, tack and adjust. This is where the powerful video card is required. Patterns can be designed in symmetry and manipulated for correct normals. Settings for gravity and wind, texture for bump and pattern for color, similar to other programs. Preset library of assets, avatars and poses, quite a variety, but simple poses.

I am not sure about compatibility of the latest release with older versions of Windows OS. but there are older versions of Designer available it seems. I am on the trial version, but if I had the video card power, I would buy it in a heartbeat.
Image Sharing / Re: Clumped square noise
« Last post by mhaze on Today at 09:05:25 AM »
See the above links Hetzen's file is very versatile.
File Sharing / Rock Outcrop Stands
« Last post by WASasquatch on Today at 08:49:34 AM »
Here is a project file containing the offseted rocky looking stands and the loose fake stone rock mix. Enjoy!
Terragen Animation / Re: Impressions from the Enterprise bridge
« Last post by Dune on Today at 06:15:11 AM »
Holy cow, that is a lot of memory....
Image Sharing / Re: Paso Durango
« Last post by Dune on Today at 06:12:59 AM »
I'm honored. But seriously; looking very nice, even without much veggies.
Image Sharing / Re: Some new people tests
« Last post by Dune on Today at 06:11:14 AM »
You 100.000 years old?  ;D
Image Sharing / Re: Paso Durango
« Last post by WASasquatch on Today at 06:10:59 AM »
Love the painted canyon effect with the colours. Very vibrant. Looking good!
Open Discussion / Re: Marvelous Designer
« Last post by Dune on Today at 06:08:00 AM »
These folds look pretty good. Interesting to see you experiment. I may need to have a look at it too.
Can you drape clothes around a pre-posed figure? Or is it that you design the clothes and put it on a T-base figure (like in DAZ), then pose, and the folds will set to it?
My way to start a canyon would be using a simple shape as a basis, warp it if needed and use as mask. Here's a quick basic setup.
Painted shader is handy, but also a bit awkward at times.

Best practise, btw, is to set up a thread for one project you're doing and follow up on that one, so that everyone can see progress following that thread, and help in the line of WIP's.
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