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Geez, this is indeed some wild project. After 15 minutes with my 16GB RAM, I am at 40% of render preview. But maybe you could just find another method for achieving the intended result? Whatever it may be.
Terragen Animation / Re: Water test
« Last post by luvsmuzik on Today at 10:12:58 AM »
Some adjustments.  :)

you use my method.
I don't know anything about 'your method'; I've used setups like this for ages.
Actually for animations it doesn't look good so far. For stills this might work of course.
Seems I found a rather weird solution for my problem. Since I couldn't find a way to combine the two layers with different patch sizes, I duplicated the plane and disabled one layer in the first one and the other layer in the second one. I didn't expect that to work, but surprisingly it did. I had to move the plane with the smaller patch size a tiny little bit downwards, because for some reason I don't know, the second plane only showed up half. Like split diagonally. No idea, why this works...
Unfortunately this almost doubles rendertimes. >:(
I would have preferred another solution, but at least I got what I wanted.

Jordan, using some additional procedural foam patterns or even image maps doesn't look good, as far as I've tested it. Even when I use an input warp shader that's fed by the displacement via a redirect shader, the pattern's distortion doesn't really move in sync with the mesh's distortion.
Announcements / Re: SIGGRAPH 2018
« Last post by astrofalcon on Today at 03:11:35 AM »
I was there and missed you guys by 15 min! Sorry! I'll be in LA for Siggraph next year hopefully we can meet then! Thanks again guys for making such an amazing piece of software!!!

- Shawn Astrom
Open Discussion / Re: Morning Ulco
« Last post by WASasquatch on Today at 02:29:20 AM »
Oooh! Sounds like such an adventure! Would love to see photos.
In my experience, any species in Equidae would be called a "horse" by most biologists and paleontologists. That would include Mesohippus, Miohippus and even North American Eohippus (now considered to be congeneric with European Hyracotherium).

Can you cite this, where early horse is defined as just horse? Cause I have several books and they're pretty clear on using either the species name or "early horse" to let you know it's an early evolution and not true horse. They even use "True Horse" when identifying species with specific fused hooves and morphology, that are older than 1 million years. You can see this terminology on the wiki pages for the species and museum pages. "early horse" "early evolutions of horse" etc, is used with the primary being the species name.

Your generalization would be counter-intuitive to scientific study blurring the lines. It's like calling specific species of human evolution as just Human, aka Homo Sapien. Just like we don't call EEMH, or what we called Cro-Magnon just Humans. Or earlier evolution of Chimpanzee, or what not. Even a Zebra is a Zebra, and not a Horse, or a Mustang, just like a Bonobo is not a Chimpanzee.

This is just a Horse, but an Ancient horse it most certainly is. Especially when you consider the modern horse genome, even "wild horse" (the purest populations aren't pure and contain domesticated horse genes) due to human selective breeding.
Open Discussion / Re: completely preserved ancient horse, 40,000 years old
« Last post by PabloMack on August 18, 2018, 07:39:54 PM »
A rule of thumb sited often in biology and paleontology is that the span of a species existence (for vertebrates) is on the order of a million years. So the 40,000 year old horse (only about 4% of a million years) is probably a modern horse in terms of which species it belongs to. But the individual in the article died a long time ago in terms of human civilization. In my experience, any species in Equidae would be called a "horse" by most biologists and paleontologists. That would include Mesohippus, Miohippus and even North American Eohippus (now considered to be congeneric with European Hyracotherium). Archeology is really more of a "social science" than a "natural science" and they march to the beat to a different drum.

René: Yes. Modern people go ape over ancient humans. I once visited Dr. Louis Jacobs at SMU in Dallas. He is president for the Institute for the Study of Earth and Man. I found the name of the institute very homo-centric. I had the same kind of reaction to the title of a book that I have called "Sea Birds of Britain and the World". This inclination for naming is akin to the naming of the "World Series" and the "Miss Universe Pageant". I have to agree with many foreigners that most of my American compatriots have the perception that the earth ends at the shores of the USA.
Open Discussion / What's your favorite production company?
« Last post by WASasquatch on August 18, 2018, 07:13:07 PM »
This is one of my favorite production companies of all times. Small, quaint, and fond memories of work they have done. I grew up fascinated by Xena & Hercules and visuals they provided for the show. What's your favorite production company? So much nostalgia when viewing their work. I'm currently re-watching Hercules the Legendary Journeys right now. On season 2 episode 1 The King of Thieves. Which is the first episode Bruce Campbell was introduced in.


(I actually forget what episode this is from)


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