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Image Sharing / Re: Chromatic Refractions
« Last post by DocCharly65 on Today at 06:27:30 AM »
Amazing and cool experiment!
This can be useful for renders with a specuial focus on objects, like the renders of Dragonfire.
Terragen Animation / Re: A hobbit hole to Dvorak's 9th Symphony
« Last post by DocCharly65 on Today at 06:23:07 AM »
Only some additional absolutely unimportant nonsense but hopefully entertaining:

The Minbary scroll contains the original monologue from the Babylon 5 Pilot spoken by "Londo Mollari"

The Klingon scroll contains a virtual translation of the klingon original Hamlet by "General Martok Shakespear"
(of course in the original medieval english pirate copy)

The Human race scroll contains the speech of William Adama from the Galactica prequel "Caprica"
Image Sharing / Chromatic Refractions
« Last post by WASasquatch on Today at 06:11:10 AM »
Testing some reflection techniques. Making a material that responds to light differently. Strong colours are unfortunately the challenge under daylight conditions. They become more pastel. Done a lot to try and correct it to no avail. Really wanted red to stand out more.

Still, the effect is quite amazing.
Image Sharing / Re: Saturday's play
« Last post by DocCharly65 on Today at 06:01:57 AM »
I could imagine he means frayed areas and dirt particles in the area of the tree bark edges.

Before I forget I have to pay tribute to the additional details like romans, busses, dancers... ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
Image Sharing / Re: First Project in T4
« Last post by DocCharly65 on Today at 05:57:33 AM »
Welcome :)
And congatulations to that great render! Very well done!
Terragen Animation / Re: A hobbit hole to Dvorak's 9th Symphony
« Last post by DocCharly65 on Today at 05:50:41 AM »
Thank you everybody :)

First I want to thank Matt for his support in a special requirement. The scene would not be as it is without him... but I want to keep the secret for a while not to spoil the little surprise. But for extraordinarily clever and attentive observers everything is already there and hidden visibly. ;)

Jordan, this is a beautiful piece of music. Greetings and my respect to your friend! I gave up musik making about 4 years ago but what you say is absolutely correct. I had to declare my project not only as non-profit - I had to declare it as non-commercial. That means no fee from anybody for nothing - not even financial help for e.g. a new PC or things like that. But that does not really bother me.

In the deepest back of my brain I have ideas for a kind of "crossover" between Dvoraks' music and some LoR themes. I hope that I'll find the time to get my Midi-Keyboard running - last time when I tried I had big latency problems and was to lazy to try all the possible drivers. And when I moved to my new flat my old Korg Trinity couldn't come with me... not enough space... (and my missing interest to that hobby at that time) :(

Who knows - Maybe one day I will have an order for your friend (unfortunately only honorary). But my ambition actually dictates that I should be able to handle the film music myself. The synchro voices, however, already require a departure from this intent. Let's see what happens :)

Not to forget it: - just some new model credits:
The fairy, the rabbit, the butterfies and the goat by
Bottle brandy Vecchia Romagna from
Compass by Medievalworlds on Turbosquid
Nokia 8800 Mobile Phone by HD_modelling (I think it was on Turbosquid)
The medieval parchment scroll by ieva-lickiene on CGTrader

I found several blueprints in the www to "corelpaint" them into "Historical documents about the last big spaceships" as the scrolls texture.
(to "corelpaint" is the affordable synonym for "to photoshop something" ;)  )

Image Sharing / Re: Saturday's play
« Last post by Dune on Today at 05:46:43 AM »
What do you mean by transition zone? Small remains or so?
Terragen Animation / Re: A hobbit hole to Dvorak's 9th Symphony
« Last post by Dune on Today at 05:43:37 AM »
Fantastic Nils!
Terragen Discussion / Re: Hole in the wall
« Last post by Dune on Today at 05:33:38 AM »
If you push that cave in, add a compute terrain/compute normal+XYZ shader after it and you could probably displace extra. It all depends on how deep you need that cave to be.
Image Sharing / Re: First Project in T4
« Last post by Dune on Today at 05:31:05 AM »
A very well executed scene. Great light and superb foliage and composition. Welcome, btw.
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