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Err I make it 8pm UK time is 2 pm in the afternoon in Central Canada.

8pm London/UK is 12pm Pacific (Los Angeles/Seattle) so that would be perfect I think.  I could watch during lunch.  :)

Terragen Discussion / Re: NWDA's 2018 Theme Challenge Participation Poll
« Last post by Danny on Today at 09:56:52 PM »
Looking through this and some private emails I have received it seems that the majority of the community is in favor of the WIP, so WIP it is. We are finalizing the rules and other bits, you will be seeing the official announcement in the coming weeks. We will be officially starting the contest January 1st 2018
Please wait until Planetside creates NWDA Cliff Contest Childboard under the Image Sharing section before posting your WIP's.

*Lets get a good turn out guys and gals Cheers. 
Image Sharing / Re: Spot on! Light objects - my go at visible lights
« Last post by KlausK on Today at 09:56:06 PM »
@N-drju: can you be a little bit more specific about what it is you cannot follow? (perhaps this is something for Twitch TV  ::))

@Kadri: I haven`t used Render Layers very often so far and not at all in the way you show. Gonna try that too. Thx for your example.
What I have done instead was rendering different frames of the project with all the same setting for that 1 or 2 spotlights
and combined those in post. This works as well because of the sample jittering in the different frames.
Here I was after a solution to not use post effect outside of Terragen.

On the other hand since Blackmagic Design gives away Fusion for free I actually might be doing this sort of light effect
completely outside of Terragen - if it was a bigger scene with lots of different light cones. And I would surely try to get it done
in post when it comes to animation in Terragen.
Cheers, Klaus
Terragen Discussion / Re: Using the Command Line
« Last post by KlausK on Today at 09:41:59 PM »
Glad I could be helpful :D
In the program folder of your Terragen installation there is a folder called "Docs".
In there is a file named "win_command_line.txt". There you find more commands for the tgd.exe and tgdcli.exe to use for various purposes.
For example you can render out files without opening the Terragen Graphical User Interface at all. Might want to take a look at that sometime.
Anyways, good that you got it working again.
CHeers, Klaus
Terragen Discussion / Re: Using the Command Line
« Last post by luvsmuzik on Today at 08:38:04 PM »
It worked great! I got the file open and was able to disable some objects to reduce the total file drain...
I think my problem was, (beside the fact my little unit) that I had a big scanned object, another with thirty plus shaders ( that all imported with 0.5 specular), another large automobile file, a couple tree populations, a couple flower populations, and a scanned person object. You see I do know how to put a pretty scene together, I just lack the power to complete the task at hand. :)
The large scanned object now takes about 20 seconds to load in texture preview when it is the only object enabled. So I will be more careful and use bounding box now that my scene is set.
Thanks again Klaus!
Image Sharing / Re: Spot on! Light objects - my go at visible lights
« Last post by bobbystahr on Today at 08:37:36 PM »
@ Kadri...very nice results...noted for future possible use
Terragen Discussion / Re: Using the Command Line
« Last post by bobbystahr on Today at 07:29:02 PM »
Many thanks Klaus for the cool example...I've saved this in case I ever need it.
Image Sharing / Re: Spot on! Light objects - my go at visible lights
« Last post by Kadri on Today at 07:12:59 PM »

Looks good. The use of more then 1 spotlights is nice :)

Klaus have you tried to use render layers? In case you haven't this is a fast and easy method too.

Make a new group and put the spotlight in there.
Then make a render layer node and go to the "Lights" tab and choose your newly made group with the spotlight in it.
You can render your spotlight with surface lighting or atmo lighting separately if you like (the atmo is the most grainy looking part mostly).
Then render only the lighting with the render layer node attached to the render node.
Blur this noisy render the way you want in post.

After this de-attach the render layer and render the full scene only with the ground lighting of the spotlight or without the spotlight however you choose (only surface lighting and-or atmo lighting) before.

Now just comp those two renders together in a photo editor you use.

This is very useful for animation but even on a single image you can get much more control on the spotlight strength and colour for example without rerendering the scene.

Below are crude examples from the default scene , with an added spotlight that is blurred in post (the atmo lighting part) and the original full Terragen render. Another example is with the same spotlight part blurred and duplicated 5 times in post.
I added this basic scene below too.

There are much more possibilities probably within the render layers node.

Image Sharing / Re: Spot on! Light objects - my go at visible lights
« Last post by N-drju on Today at 06:54:34 PM »
This is very impressive but I'm afraid I'm not following you. :-[ Do you think you could make a tutorial out of this?
I only notice a lag with the 3D Preview window. But opening or saving does not show the symptoms you describe.
If you look at my specs below seems similar to the machines you are working on.
Dual Xeon mainboards mostly have a onboard video graphics chip. Ever took out your Graphic Card perhaps?
Or did you ever try to disconnect and disable anything what has to do with network and NAS completely? Simple offline machine?
Cheers, Klaus
The thing is this started with either 4.1 or one of the later updates where changes were introduced to CPU threading in general to make RTP more responsive.
Sure, it could be something outside of TG, things like .NET, or drivers, Win updates... then again, I'm not sure which of these would affect both Win7 and Win10 in exactly the same way. But it's not a single machine, and it's happening reproducibly since said update. I should take some time to test this on the single CPU machine, though.
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