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Open Discussion / Re: SpeedTree License
« Last post by WASasquatch on Today at 01:36:07 AM »
Wow, thanks for that in depth explanation and comparative points, zaxxon. That is very much appreciated for me, and future reference. I've been starting to look into model work as I do have a need to create models for scenes, to distribute with the scenes. And often with others veggies they need to be highly modified on the texture level to match scenes/plant types so I might as well start figuring out how to model these thing. I was interesting in SpeedTree for the ease of development, as what I do have, Blender, is more than painfully slow, and I have yet to grasp all of blender, considering most of it is on a macro level and users even in tutorials have to have a macro widget on screen to display what keys and combos they hit, which go by quick, making following tutorials even hard.

I've always found macro keys and hotkeys to be helpful, but they're just that, ease of access, they shouldn't be relied upon in documentation or tutorials in the community. I remember when documentation back in the day was ALWAYS geared towards basic input all the way through, and hotkeys just being a reference page you yourself can choose to use when properties are mentioned that have said hotkeys.
Open Discussion / Re: SpeedTree License
« Last post by zaxxon on Today at 12:33:39 AM »
Per my conversations directly with the IDV folks (the parent company), meshes generated in Speedtree (ST) are definitely restricted from redistribution except in a shared workplace environment where every user possesses a license, and highly doubtful that any resale would be approved..  This is a discussion that has appeared in this forum in the past. Undoubtedly folks have abused the terms of the EULA, and I imagine IDV isn't keen on policing every violation. They (IDV), claim that even altered geometry of ST meshes can be identified as an ST mesh, maybe that's true. ST is an industry standard for both Gaming and Motion Pictures, with all of the awards you can name. With the elimination of the "Studio Modeler" version and the switch to a subscription fee model, IDV pretty much abandoned the "Hobbyist" market. Visiting the IDV site these days, so much of the activity is centered around the versions dedicated to Unity and Unreal (and Lumberyard). At nineteen dollars a month and frequent sales on tree/plant types, that seems to be the sweet spot market-wise, especially considering Unity and Unreal are free. A better solution for tree/plant assets for TG users may lie with an old Planetside competitor: e-on. The ability to model and procedurally change the asset attributes by size, age, seasonality, wind influence, etc,  and create an endless variety of high quality objects is what ST does, but so does the The Plant Factory from e-on. e-on, unlike IDV, has an arrangement to allow tree/plant creators to offer their models on a company sponsored online market. e-on offers a free utility called "The Plant Factory Exporter"  that loads the  Plant Factory object and allows the user to modify the object by all of the above mentioned features and 'randomize' the results. The objects come with all of the maps, and include the seasonal variants. I have licenses for both ST and TPF, and while I prefer ST to work in, the plants from TPF are quite impressive. There is a problem currently with the e-on site and it's online market, but I've had recent conversations with e-on and they hope to be up and running before years end. I can provide the Exporter link if anyone has a TPF model they want to mess with. The plants should be available with the resumption of e-on's full site (Cornucopia 3D). I've attached a few images rendered in TG of modified TPF trees. These were all made by a TPF artist named Frederic Bec, and were $20-25 US dollars each. Not bad considering the thousands of variations each one can provide. Not intended as sales pitch for sure, but having access to quality assets that can be modified to fit the scene for a reasonable cost is a cool deal.
Image Sharing / Re: Untouched Land
« Last post by WASasquatch on October 22, 2018, 09:15:15 PM »
I've reworked the scene a little.

Changed the lighting, changed distribution on some of the vegetation and added some more.
Hope you like it.

- Terje

WOW! This is fantastic! Love the update, I mean, I can literally see Shrek, Fiona, and Donkey marching out of the woods on their quest to return her in a new updated remake. Lol

Yeah, that's what the lighting and scene reminded me of. I hope that's not an insult. :O
Image Sharing / Re: Let's Rock Update
« Last post by WASasquatch on October 22, 2018, 09:13:48 PM »
All this path tracing makes me super jelly!  :-[

Love that last image, the spire, looks ominous out there by itself.
Image Sharing / Re: New series of river works
« Last post by WASasquatch on October 22, 2018, 09:12:09 PM »
Caveman doing Yoga LOL

I thought maybe Pan popped in there ::)

Agree, exquisite lake scene. :)

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who that Peter Pan.
Image Sharing / Re: New series of river works
« Last post by luvsmuzik on October 22, 2018, 08:45:34 PM »
Caveman doing Yoga LOL

I thought maybe Pan popped in there ::)

Agree, exquisite lake scene. :)
Image Sharing / Re: Let's Rock Update
« Last post by luvsmuzik on October 22, 2018, 08:42:03 PM »
Meanwhile out in the middle of nowhere....
path trace robust, detail modifer 1

Old tower tutorial file
Image Sharing / Re: Nebulae
« Last post by WASasquatch on October 22, 2018, 07:33:49 PM »
BG 035 is really nice, it reminds me of remnant supernova. I am curious, would it be too much to ask for you to paste your Render node here? I'm curious what settings exactly you're using, I know I can't do higher than MPD 0.6 and AA6 but still struggling with some smaller details and at this point I don't think it's my fractals/warpers.

It is important that I have only one cloud node, since a larger number makes the render time unacceptably long.

(Attachment Link)

(Attachment Link)

I will also show the settings for Cloud layer v3, since they play a big role.

(Attachment Link)

Thanks a lot, Denis, this helps a lot! Thanks for the node on the single cloud.
Terragen Discussion / Re: wich node allow to twist/warp Clouds Layer
« Last post by Frank_Art on October 22, 2018, 07:04:56 PM »
Thanks Dune, I did not try to use vector displacement shader yet, will test it soon.
File Sharing / Re: Grass and Bush Packs by Mr. Lampost
« Last post by Rich2 on October 22, 2018, 07:03:23 PM »
They are quite nice - and for free.  We don't hear from the fella as of late.  You still out there Mr. Lamppost?
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