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Terragen Support / Re: Can't abort "Generate at Load"
« Last post by Oshyan on Today at 01:24:31 AM »
Yep. Edit the TGD if you need to disable an auto-generate that is taking too long.

- Oshyan
Image Sharing / Re: Learning Terragen 4
« Last post by Oshyan on Today at 01:23:19 AM »
Very nice early results! You are getting the hang of it quickly. :)

A few quick answers to your questions:

1: There is no shortcut key for crop enable/disable. But you can find a full reference of shortcut keys by going to the Help/Application menu (on Mac) and select "Mouse and Key Settings".

2/3: There is no built-in way to view a "history" or "stack" of renders in this way, but the auto-save that mason explained can help at least make the process a bit less manual. We do plan to make improvements to the Render view over time.

4: Not currently, no.

5: There is a small, square blue icon button on the upper-right of most shaders. This opens a shader preview in a separate window. It's a bit limited because it's always centered on 0,0,0, but you can zoom in/out, for for Displacement shaders, you can also adjust the camera angle to see it in 3D by using the standard 3D Preview camera controls.

- Oshyan
Terragen Discussion / Re: Proposing A Node Usage Guide
« Last post by Oshyan on Today at 01:15:06 AM »
I appreciate the idea and willingness to contribute! In general nodes of particular types should accept and output the same types of data. In many cases this is multiple types of data, and what is read depends on the accepted input formats of the shader you're plugging into. Transparent data conversion happens in some cases as well, I believe. This should all be explained in the Wiki (it isn't adequately covered yet though). We're currently investing both time and money in updating the wiki docs and creating other educational content, so we'll add this to the list as I agree it's important.

- Oshyan
Terragen Discussion / Re: Holes in Heightmap?
« Last post by Oshyan on Today at 01:06:17 AM »
Looks like holes indeed. This can be caused by extreme displacement, or other issues. You can try increasing the Displacement Tolerance of the planet. If this is a DEM terrain it may be due to "holes" in the data.

- Oshyan
Please see explanation of the Default Scene here:

- Oshyan
Image Sharing / Re: 1st Desert Try
« Last post by Rich2 on Today at 12:50:09 AM »
Pretty interesting, though I'd say at this scale the colour shaders need a smaller smallest scale. In the stretches it looks like the colour gets a bit blurred.

Got that, boss!  A little more tweaking and I got this -
Terragen Support / Re: CPU slow-down with Heightfield Generate
« Last post by Oshyan on Today at 12:46:16 AM »
Heightfields can't store any lateral information, they are height only, single value for each pixel. Any "overhangs" will be flattened, essentially.

- Oshyan
Hi da'ud,

I wrote up a quick explanation of the Default Scene which should help:

Most Objects when first created start out at the 0,0,0 coordinate origin, though there are some exceptions. If you want to drop an object to the ground, select it and press D in the 3D preview. Note however that this will set the object's "anchor point" to sit in the surface of the terrain directly below it, in many cases this "anchor" is not actually at the bottom of the object though and so your object may be partially submerged in the terrain.

Each object may come in at a different size, which is defined and editable in the settings of the object node itself. 1 meter is a common base size though, at least for applicable objects such as the sphere, rock, etc. The Lake is a special object (which is why it is in the Water layout and not Objects) and has its own size, again this is visible and editable in its settings. The default for the Lake object is 100,000 meters (most measures of size and distance are in meters in Terragen).

Objects behave a bit differently in Populations. Working with populations (e.g. grass clump) is covered in the docs here:

Look for info for "sit on terrain", for example, to understand how populated objects are positioned by default and how they follow the terrain.

- Oshyan
Image Sharing / Re: 1st Desert Try
« Last post by WASasquatch on Today at 12:37:21 AM »
Pretty interesting, though I'd say at this scale the colour shaders need a smaller smallest scale. In the stretches it looks like the colour gets a bit blurred.
Terragen Discussion / Re: VDB workflow testing
« Last post by Suppybird on Today at 12:25:28 AM »
Please release VDB exporter Immedially. The artist always get headache when making cloud for VFX, and I'm very tired of Houdini's cloud. This is my Terragen cloud's rendered by Arnold For Cinema 4D and Clarisse. Arnold is the most unbiased renderer sp It's not cheat. and because it's not cheat so need 50 bounce and the result is very realistic. Volumetrics in Clarisse is not completely unbised so have to cheat.

So, I must say again. Hey Matt, please ! Release the tool right now. Thank you !

Oh those look nice! I miss C4D, I have Release 8 (I believe it is)  somewhere in it's box. Is Houdini compatible with those older versions?

Ofcourse no :)) . But you should the newest version, too powerful, most easy to use, very insance comfortable .  When Terragen OpenVDB is released, you can play it with anyshape easily inside Cinema 4D newest version.
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