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Image Sharing / Re: Mission to Mars
« Last post by René on Today at 09:54:25 AM »
Terragen Discussion / Re: Panorama - How to get rid of the haze?
« Last post by zepeu on Today at 08:25:16 AM »
A nice thing to experiment with and learn about the power fractal (PF) is to attach one to a surface shader's color input or mask input. Delete the breakup, and give the base color node a plain color (set both colors as the same). Then hover your camera over the ground and see the patterns the fractal makes. Then start playing with all the values inside, and see what they change to that pattern. If you've learned enough, you could try 1; feeding the output to the displacement input of that surface shader, and see what the different variables of the fractal do to that 1m displacement. Or use the displacement from the PF itself; in that case hook off the displacement input and feed into the child input. Then start playing with values of the PF again and see what happens. Colors won't do a thing now (at least not influence the displacement), but the displacement values do. Best in fact to disable both colors to better see the displacements variation when the PF is set as child.
The PF is one of the basic LEGO stones of TG, so this is very informative.

Well, I saw the effectiveness of power fractales on Dune's version of my landscape... I'm trying that these days, it's... powerfull :p
I'll not be at home for the weekend, but I'll check what you said as soon as possible :D

Thanks !
Terragen Discussion / Re: Photography Techniques Can DeNoise Noisy Renders
« Last post by Dune on Today at 06:37:56 AM »
Interesting indeed. Good for cloud parts!
Terragen Animation / Re: More babies -- the new teaser
« Last post by otakar on Today at 03:31:47 AM »
oh my god. Huge amount of work. So many sounds added, really enhances the scenes. Pretty cool camera positions and moves, too. Some parts really feel cinematic.
Terragen Discussion / Photography Techniques Can DeNoise Noisy Renders
« Last post by Kadri on Today at 01:40:48 AM »

Looks interesting. Anyone tried this in Terragen?
Hi Matt
Thanks for taking the time here.

I went through your description of how the GUI works and finally understood.
If I ever read this in the TG 2/3 Manual I had forgotten and now found it not really intuitive to work this way.

In my book working in TG could be something like this:

01 - The 3D Preview together with the Network View are my layout block 1. 2/3 of the GUI are occupied with these 2 windows.
The Network View should ONLY change when I click on one of the Special Groups buttons inside the Network View window.

02 - I read the term Layout buttons in the manual but did not really take it for what it is, obviously.
When I think of Layout I think of special arrangements of the windows in the GUI (more like different desktop layouts).
This is clearly due to the use of the term in other 3D apps.
03 - So, the idea that clicking a Top Toolbar button changes the Node List and, since there is eventually more than one node listed,
selects the first item in the list and additionally calls the Properties (Settings) window below, would be my layout block 2.
04 - The state of the GUI could be saved with the scene file perhaps. Especially saving the state of layout block 1 would be a plus for me.
Since the Network view would not be connected to the Top Toolbar buttons anymore, only the windowed or maximized state would have to be remembered.
05 - There is a Preference Setting which allows the user to: "Center on Node selected in the Node List".
While this is useful in large node networks, I have it turned of most of the time I work in TG. Simply because I don`t need it every time I click a node in the Node List.
When working with Terrain or Shaders nodes I do not need the Network view to jump to a Camera or the Renderer node when I only need to get to the Properties view.
But, make this Selection click a Double Mouse click and I would be able to decide on the fly if I need the center focus on the node or not.
06 - In general I for one would very much appreciate it to have TG remember the size and position of the application on the desktop when I fire it up.
Either per scene or per last session. Not first rank listed, though.
07 - "Or would it be better to not use this Layout paradigm at all?" I am not sure I have an idea what this would look like.

08 - "Should layouts be something you choose separately, completely independent of how you switch between
different Node Lists at the top left?" If I understand correctly this could lead to something like I sketched with my 2 Layout Blocks.

09 - Last but not least I would like to say something about the interface design of GUI:
I am a big fan of the text based (more or less) interfaces and I am glad you did not (yet) jump to a icon based interface!
Something along the lines of Maxon Cinema4D would be a absolute nightmare for me.

Well, one more...
I am not sure if it is appropriate to compare TG to a 3D app and how it handles its GUI, but nonetheless pinning mechanism SideFX Houdini uses is quite nice, I think.
The user can pin different windows together so that they change together in context. Very flexible system.

cheers, Klaus
Image Sharing / Re: Scene from the Observatory
« Last post by luvsmuzik on Today at 12:06:15 AM »
So this is what I was trying to do. WIP
Terragen Support / Re: Automatic centering of Network Window - Preference setting
« Last post by Matt on May 24, 2017, 09:08:36 PM »
Also, when maximizing the Node Network view inside the GUI under the 3D Preview for example,
it jumps back to a window when you click another context button in the top menu (like the Camera or Terrain etc).

This is not helpful imho.

The top buttons are designed to be "layout" buttons, so when you click on a button it switches to a different GUI layout. It remembers your choices within a session, so if you maximise the Network View in one layout (e.g. the Terrain Layout), it will be maximised the next time you come back to that layout.

However, it doesn't remember layouts between sessions, so if you close Terragen and reopen it all the layouts revert to their defaults.

I suppose it's not clear that these buttons operate as different layouts, or even if it is, it's not helpful for many people. We are thinking about ways to change this behaviour in future versions and we're open to suggestions.

Would it be useful to you if it remembered the layouts between sessions (so if you maximise the Network View while in every single layout, for example, it would always be maximised when you restarted Terragen)?

Or would it be better to not use this Layout paradigm at all?

Should layouts be something you choose separately, completely independent of how you switch between different Node Lists at the top left?

Terragen Support / Re: Automatic centering of Network Window - Preference setting
« Last post by Matt on May 24, 2017, 08:53:25 PM »
Each time you selecting a node in the Node List at the top left, it centres the Network View on that node. When you switch Layouts, if there was a node selected in the Node List the last time you used the Layout you're switching to then it will centre the Network View on that node. The reason for the inconsistency is that at first there aren't any selected nodes, so it has nothing to centre on. As you select nodes in each Layout, it remembers your selection and when you switch back to that Layout it displays that node again.

We might make this optional. There have also been other requests that affect how different parts of the UI are linked together when objects and nodes are selected in different parts, so I'd like to make sure everything ties together well with whatever changes we make for the future, but I think it could OK be make this one thing optional.

Open Discussion / Re: It's been bugging me for some time...
« Last post by Oshyan on May 24, 2017, 08:46:56 PM »
It enables the Z-up and Source in CM options in the object reader (OBJ options tab).

- Oshyan
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