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Things you may not know : Key navigation

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In TG2 v2 you can navigate in the 3D Preview using the keyboard. Navigation is based around the arrow keys, with different modifier key combinations to do different things. You can see the key combinations by opening the Mouse and Key Settings window from the Help Menu. Expand the 3D Preview settings and then scroll down to the Navigation settings and expand that to see the movements and their keys.

The keys can be customised in the Customise Input Bindings window, which is opened from the Custom Bindings button in the Input Settings preferences panel.

I would have set up a WASD preset for this but it conflicted with a key which was already in use. If you prefer that you can customise it yourself.

You aren't able to "mouse look" as you would in a first person shooter type game, but this may be added in the future.

Another useful new key for the 3D Preview is the Return/Enter key. This key will copy the current view to the render camera.



ASD preset? They use that for the second Player on Powder Game!
Warning: The English side is actually Engrish. Other than that, you'll be OK. I'm there, and you can look at my uploads in Save Data by clicking 27 hours and changing it to All, then search TheBlackHole. You'll see all my uploads, and to open one, just click "play".


--- Quote from: jo on April 16, 2009, 03:26:24 AM ---

You aren't able to "mouse look" as you would in a first person shooter type game, but this may be added in the future.

--- End quote ---

I'm able to mouse look pretty good by holding down Alt and using the three buttons on my mouse in different ways. It works great for micro managing the camera angle and direction.

Navigation via keystrokes is quirky and buggy. If you rotate around and up or down, the movement keystrokes move the camera according to a strange combination of the absolute coordinate system and the camera's orientation and not relative to the camera's orientation alone. When you are anywhere but at the North Pole, navigation is very confusing and cumbersome. This should be fixed.  All of these keyboard movement commands should cause movement relative to the camera's orientation alone. Then it would be very useful.

The camera's movement adhere's to consistent logic, it's just not the logic that is most intuitive for your needs, which is understandable. Movement relative to camera orientation is not necessarily ideal either, at least not at all times. The needs of large-scale landscape camera movement are somewhat unique. But certainly more options are needed regardless.

- Oshyan


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