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15 miles on the Erie Canal

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This project is still in its early stages but has reached a point where I can share it. The scene is a real place on the Erie Canal, not far from where I live. The time is early morning, mid-October 1915.

For the past couple of years I've tossed around the idea of using Terragen to recreate scenes along the canal at different points in time. So this is a proof of concept. Recreating a real landscape that has been substantially modified by human activity has been a real challenge.

The trees are temporary, just there to gauge placement, as is much of the grass. (From Dune's free grass pack at NWDA. Thanks, Ulco!) The foliage eventually will be more diverse and will include some nice fall color.

The rail line at center left is an interurban trolley that existed in the early 20th century, now long vanished. A second rail line at the extreme left, part of the New York Central's  "water level route" from New York to Chicago, is also now long abandoned and overgrown. There is much yet to do. The center of interest will be a lift bridge in the foreground, and there are barges, buildings, a terminal wall, and other infrastructure to be added. So there's a lot more research and modeling to be done outside of Terragen.

Working with Terragen can be a humbling experience but I'm finally starting to get the hang of it. But I'm slow, there's much yet to be done, and a lot more to learn.

I'm hoping to post progress reports. Criticisms, comments welcome!

Wow, this is starting off at "Dune" level...I follow with great anticipation of the final which could be mind blowing...great start

Looks fantastic!! And indeed quite glimmerveenesque!  ;D ;D ;D

This has a lot lot of promise and sounds like a really cool project! Good luck with your endeavors, seems like quite the challenge!

Well, won't I be watching this with interest! I am old enough to have walked the deserted ruins of the canal and tripped over urban tracks in pavement covered brick under-layered streets. Back when they taught history, students in my state learned about early settlement and transportation. I am from a railroad family, involving three systems. This already looks to be a great project! Good luck! :)


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