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Updated: What operating systems do you use Terragen on?

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It's been more than 7 years since our last operating system poll was done and lots of new options have come around. Let's see what everyone is running these days, shall we? Remember: this is only regarding the computer(s) you use Terragen on! Your HTPC doesn't count unless you also run TG on it. ;) You can be using any version of Terragen and respond to this poll. You can also vote more than once, for those of us with multiple computers (or multiple operating systems, e.g. dual boot!).

We had just under 150 respondents to the last one. Let's aim for 200 this time, eh? :D

- Oshyan

So if I use two Win 8, should I vote twice? :)

What about XP and Mac where I still have a TG2 leftovers for rudimentary testing and experimentation? I think that would be too much though. :-\

If you only use one OS, you vote once, even if you have it on multiple machines. We're not really looking for a count of machines here so much as a count of people who use a given OS. So if you have two machines, one with Win 8 and one with Win 10, it would be good to know you use both. Knowing you use Win 10 on both is less valuable.

Up to you whether you want to count the older machines. If you do use them, it's a valid option, but if it's very, very seldom then probably not that useful.

- Oshyan

err I voted for the wrong one, meant to vote win 10 64bit, accidently clicked on vista 64bit. I am an idiot :(

Windows 10 64 bit. I can't say I've found much difference in performance between Win 7 and 10, except I guess Microsoft (burning eye of Sauron) can now read everything on my hard disks.


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