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Animation bug


Denis Sirenko:
Hi guys!

Today I found that the TG ( refuses to render the cloud if the next frame makes its radius zero. Does anyone know what that is?

This appears to be a bug. We'll investigate further to confirm and then work on a fix.

- Oshyan

Btw, I know, this is a bit off topic, but I saw you used V3 clouds, Denis. Depending of what you're after, it may be a big timesaver to use V2 clouds. They render much faster, and unless you want to render real clouds they look great as well.

Denis Sirenko:
Thanks for the response, Oshyan.

Hannes, thank you for the information. This spheres just for animation test. My main goal is not clouds, but nebulae. For them I need a realistic lighting calculation, as far as possible. I tested both versions of the clouds and I liked the v3 version. In addition, I do not have haste.


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