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Here is a (camera-) animation of this cool model (thanks to Russell!!!!!) I used here:,23684.0.html

I disabled some of the atmospherics, since this is an 800 frames animation, and it would have taken ages to render this with all the stuff enabled. So I changed the lighting a bit and added some other stuff.
There are some things I don't like, such as the heavy flickering on the ramps, and I forgot to add some variation to the walking guys. So there's a bunch of nerds of the Ministry of silly walks.  ;D

I used a GI cache for this, which was absolutely necessary, and there's a bit of postwork, such as contrast, motion blur and chromatic aberration. It's too big to upload it here, and I didn't want to compress it even more, so sorry for the (still) big file:

Download it. The Dropbox quality is quite poor, when you watch it there.

Ah, better download. Very cool animation, Hannes. I love the funny walks actually, made me smile braodly and removes the 'heaviness' of the scene. Yes, too bad about some flickering, but who cares. Great job!


Sweet :D

Ariel DK:
your texturization skills always make me follow your works, bravo!

Thanks! There was some sort of worn texture for the pods coming with the model. I mixed it with another hull texture to get more details. I created some other textures for other parts and reduced the count for similar textures.
Btw there are more than 30 lightsources in the scene, which were a little tricky to position, but it worked in the end.
I'm planning to do a night shot to see how it looks.


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