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Can anyone tell me how to create a render element with only trees?  Bonus points if you can tell me how to do it for individual tree and plant types.  I still want to generate all the standard render element passes, I just want to be able to isolate the foliage and objects.


Put your objects into a separate object group and use the Layers functionality in the Render Layer node. You can then set visibility per-group. You will have to do separate renders for each separate group of objects you want though.

- Oshyan

Thanks for your reply Oshyan.  Although I still seem to be getting something wrong.  I want to isolate a tree type and have everything else as a holdout, but when I group the tree type, other objects (a foreground bush in this example) is rendered as well.  I have tried doing it two ways, one with just the tree in a group, and one with the tree in group and the bush in it's own group set to holdout.  What am I doing wrong?

Hmm, I believe holdout may currently be broken. We will be looking into this and addressing it ASAP if that is indeed the case. It would be available in a free 4.1 update, though I can't give a specific date yet. Sorry about that!

- Oshyan

That could well be, as I lately used a plane to get some reflective light, but it didn't work as before if set to invisible or holdout (it still showed up). 


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