Author Topic: sleepy renders?  (Read 38 times)

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sleepy renders?
« on: August 17, 2017, 01:08:07 PM »
How's that for a subject?  Not sure what else to call it, but I'm having a problem with Tg4.1 pausing or stalling during renders... it's as if my PC (tried it on both of them- same thing) goes into a  screen saver mode, power save mode, etc... and my render just sits there incomplete until I wiggle the mouse or click on the screen then it continues.   It's not "pausing" the render, or crashing... it's just hanging until the PC is bumped into waking up.  This is happening on both of my PCs, and I've check the power management, screen savers, time-outs, etc... and have turned all that off, and it's still doing it.

Anyone have any ideas?   Thanks!